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Navka and Kostomarov - the best dancing pair Skejt Canada

Russians Tatyana Navka and Roman Kostomarov have won the main prize in 25 thousand dollars on tournament Skejt Canada . They took priority in competitions of dancing pairs.
our figure skaters have executed any dance under a combination of melodies from films the Pink panther and Austin Powers . According to many experts Tatyana and the Novel this time have executed the classical program without special excesses. we wanted to show to judges that we can show different styles in the driving. We very much would like to differ from all other pairs .
the Second place in total offset and the first in any dance was won Albena by Denkova and Maxim Stavitsky from Bulgaria. It is interesting that these sportsmen train in Moscow under the direction of trainer A.Gorshkova.
the third place was occupied with owners of ice of Mari - France Dubrel and Patris Lozon.
in Canada Navka and Kostomarov have confirmed With the victory that are ready to occupy top of world figure skating after leaving of the Canadian pair Burn/ with Kraatts and ours Irina Lobachevoj and Ilya Averbuha.