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Boxing. Mitchell: I do not feed personal hostility for Tszju

Sharmba Mitchell, Konstantin Tszju`s future contender in fight for a rank of the world champion in the first light-middleweight weight, does not test any bad feelings to Konstantin and explains all scornful statements in its address following to traditions of professional boxing. Mitchell has told about it during taken place yesterday telephone a press - the conference organised by TV channel Showtime, informs Allboxing. This business at its finest, - Mitchell has declared. - I do not feed personal hostility for Tszju. It has not made anything that I hated it. It has not made anything bad to me or to my family, my children - only in this case there could be a speech about hatred Yes, I have mentioned that it was thick. But I have not told anything such that would not see others. I do not think that at the moment of our last meeting it weighed 140 pounds. Rigid statements always were a boxing part, and it is normal, when certain borders are not passed. It does not mean that I will snatch on it outside of a ring. All will dare only in a ring .
Speaking about plans for forthcoming fight, Mitchell and its promoter of Gary of Show have noticed that this time will specially stipulate with organizers of a duel and the referee a question on that in a ring it was not supposed any roughness. Nevertheless, Mitchell has declared that has studied a couple of receptions from an arsenal of fighters of professional wrestling and has asked not to be surprised, if the duel ends this time with a trauma of Tszju. The American also has noticed that cannot while precisely to tell, fight how will end, but is assured of the victory. in the dreams I often imagine two pictures: on one of them I send Tszju in a knockout, and on another I throw up hands after the account announcement. But my main task - to leave in a ring and to win. I knock out it or not is has no value - Mitchell has told.