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Handball. The majority of handballers the Dynamo from Russian national team structure will not have time to be restored to the World championship

the Majority of handballers of the silver prize-winner of national championship Volgograd the Dynamo a part of Russian national team, not uspejutvosstanovitsja after traumas to the World championship which will pass vsankt - Petersburg 5 - on December, 18th. As the head coach of a national team RossiiEvgeny Trefilov, on world has informed the form this club the player " will represent maksimumodin;. loss the basic razygryvajushchejevgenii Rvachevoj, at which rupture of crosswise sheaves of a knee, - setuetglavnyj the trainer is especially heavy for the Russian national team. - we plan to replace with its Elena Cherny from Rostov . Also the instructor of a national team has noticed that mood in a command good, vsedevushki are adjusted for work. It is especially pleasant that anybody from caused nasbor players did not try to shirk the invitation in a command - otmetilnastavnik. The day before in Uchebno situated near Moscow - training the centre novogorsk startovalocherednoj gathering of a national team within the limits of preparation for the World championship. Under the direction of Trefilov 17 players representing shestrossijskih of clubs here have gathered. Two legionaries Tatyana Alizar and Lyudmila Bodnieva acting in Slovenia, will join a command next Saturday. The biggest representation in a command was received by players of the leader rossijskogochempionata Tolyatti Frets - seven. Three players predstavljajutzvenigorodskuju the Star two - Rostov . On one player delegated vsostav the main command of the country AGU - AdyIF / Maikop/, Kuban / Krasnodar/ and the Dynamo / Volgograd/.