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The second triumph of Zdeneka Viteka

the Czech national team has shown triumphal result at the first stage of a World Cup on biathlon. On Sunday the Czech four has won man`s relay race 47,5 km. And before Zdenek Vit`kas has won individual race on 20 km. It is necessary to tell that Czechs were in the lead in race from the first to last stage and have not allowed an occasion to doubt the advantage. And furthermore, on last piece that ran Vit`kas which has strengthened leadership, having brought contenders have more than minute of a separation. Struggle went only for the second and third places At last stage three sportsmen - Ole - Einar Bordalen from Norway, Riko the Gross from Germany and Alexander Bilonenko from Ukraine applied for two prize-winning places. In last firing line all also has dared. The Ukrainian was fast shot, as has allowed it to result a command in the second place. After it Riko the Gross finished. Bjoerndalen has managed four times to miss from a prone position that costed to it of one penal circle.
Russians have acted not too successfully. Only thanks to Pavel Rostovtsev`s efforts they could become the seventh. And before our command Oleg Prokudin, running has brought two penal circles.