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Nobody wishes to concede

on January, 3rd the first of two marathon stages of rally - spot-check " has begun; Arras - Madrid - Dakar . This time the stage lay between small towns Uarzazat and Zuerat , informs a press - service KamAZa .
Extent of a stage - 1545 kilometres from which 722 kilometres are necessary on two high-speed sites. On such magnificent and exhausting stage racers should leave for the first time for all 24 - summer history Dakar . It became a supermarathon novelty, a touchstone which, according to organizers, already can change in the near future all system of carrying out of the international rallies - spot-checks.
on January, 3rd participants should overcome the first part of this stage from Uarzazata to Tan - Tana in length of 793 kilometres, including 350 - kilometre dop. From the first kilometres two forward have rushed Tatra mountains - a Czech of Karelian Lopraiza and Brazilian Andre de Azevedo. So they also have passed the first control point of a high-speed site. However already to the second control point chronometres, having fixed leadership Tatra mountains the sixfold champion Dakar Lopraiza, have noted also the second result KamAZa our Vladimir Chagina who has reduced backlog till 44 seconds. Further we have even more increased rate.
as a result crew KAMAZ - Masters has arrived on finish of first half of marathon stage as the leader. Later 9 minutes of 48 seconds were finished by this high-speed site of Lopraiz, for 18 minutes of 7 seconds has lagged behind the leader de Azevedo. Thus, tactics defined by the head of a command and the navigator of sports crew by Simeon Yakubov - to watch closely actions of the contender and not to force without need speed - while justifies itself completely.
Taking into account race on January, 3rd kamazovsky the crew as a part of Vladimir Chagina, Simeon Yakubov and Sergey Savostina continues to head rally Arras - Madrid - Dakar . De Azevedo, undertaking desperate attempts to catch up with ours, keeps the second place, losing 56 minutes exactly. On the third place Lopraiz has moved, it is separated from the leader by 1 hour of 7 minutes of 57 seconds. Further go Austrian Johann Rajf on MANET (backlog 1 hour of 10 minutes of 54 seconds) and Japanese Joshimasa Sugavara on Hino (1 hour of 26 minutes 31 second). Belgian Johannes advertised on all Europe de the Plenty on DAFe the prize-winner " occupies while the tenth position, and; Formulas - 1 ambitious Italian Paolo Barilla on Mercedes has got lost in second ten standings.
to Tatra mountains Now remains nothing how to increase rate and to catch up with us, - has told in Simeon Yakubov, - and we, certainly, should watch closely their maneuvers very much. Nevertheless, I on - former consider that the main threat proceeds from DAFa de the Plenty, despite its essential backlog from us on time. This truck as if is created for a victory, and within the next few days, I think, the Belgian will show all better qualities. Possessing the powerful motor, its car on 3 tons is easier than the majority of the contenders.
the most unpleasant surprise to racers was presented by a legend of a stage which as it was found out, included set of errors: separate reference points on it dispersed from actual on 200 metres and more. On Dakar any such deviation from a route can lead to tragedy. By the way, a number of motorcyclists already have appealed about it.