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In fall of tariffs in regions will be engaged spetskomandirovannye

Office of the Sverdlovsk regional power commission (REK) is empty: almost all experts have parted on area to count municipal tariffs.

to Regions where growth of tariffs has exceeded 25 percent, vitse - prime minister Dmitry Kozak has given all week on situation correction. Therefore also have gone sent to Kamensk - Ural, Beloyarsk, Ivdel, Tugulym and so on. First of all they will visit 16 territories where the abnormal increase in tariffs is fixed absolutely.

- In 16 municipalities tariffs have grown more than for 50 percent, in 23 - on 30 - 50 percent. And only in 34 municipalities growth of tariffs has made less than 30 percent, - Sverdlovsk governor Alexander Misharin has noted.

- the Analysis of tariffs has shown that their growth is connected with constant crushing of the municipal organisations on a number small, - chairman REK Nikolay Podkopaj considers. - All it occurs as agreed or with the connivance of local authorities. And in most cases for optimisation large additional expenses - enough organizational decisions are not necessary.

Operations on division have finished that nearly on each metre of a heating main the separate firm, say, in small Verhoture " manages; sit on a pipe six municipal organisations. Commission spot-checks have already yielded the first results. It was possible to achieve change of the scheme of a heat supply of Alapaevsk, Pervouralsk: at the expense of such optimisation tariffs, for example, in settlement the Emerald have decreased in 2,8 times, in Mihajlovske - in four. Uniform, economically well-founded tariff for Art Emovsky which experts have calculated for two days, has appeared twice below former. To municipal heads who will not wish to listen to opinion REK, regional prime minister Anatoly Gredin has promised to apply strict measures .

Khabarovsk territory

housing and communal services tariffs are how much proved? The plenipotentiary of Far East district Victor Ishayev addressed yesterday this question to Office of Public Prosecutor. For example, results of check in settlement Elban of Khabarovsk territory have shown that growth of tariffs for gas is a result of absence of control of local authorities, meaning the edge government.

In 2010 cost of cost price of 1 cubic metre of gas has grown for 19 percent, and transportation cost - for 26 percent.

- Why transportation has grown, not clearly. What, the pipe became already or more widely? - Ishayev speaks. - it is summarised, the price - 100 dollars turns out. But why Habarovskkrajgaz began to sell gas to the Amur area for 180 dollars?

Tariffs for 2010 for the electric power have flied up on the average for 11,2 percent though in region generating capacities suffice.

Employees of Institute of economic researches DVO the Russian Academies of Sciences tried to understand with this crossword puzzle some years ago. As the director of institute Pavel Minakir remembers, power gave formal documents, in which imaginations " appeared;.

- For example, in the tariff cost of transportation of energy on networks ostensibly is not put. A lie! These expenses are paid by secondhand dealers. And the last show transportation as the expenses which as a result are considered at formation of tariffs, - the known economist speaks. In its opinion, ways to prove exorbitant prices set.

- I Can tell that representatives of power branch are not trusted by anybody. Neither consumers, nor experts from regulating instances as in documents energetikov it is too much a lie, - the academician has summed up.


Essential growth of payments on utilities is noted first of all in regional capital. In the beginning of February inhabitants of Arkhangelsk have received receipts for January in which there were sums, for 50 and more percent exceeding December indicators.

In the end of 2009 inhabitants of region have received official assurances that tariffs on elektro - and thermal energy for 18 percent will grow only. And the payment for water has risen for 56 percent. It has occurred to liquidation of cross subsidising which have carried out to execute federal law N 185.

- By our calculations, growth as a whole should not exceed 30 percent, - the assistant to the governor of the Arkhangelsk region on housing and communal services Alexey Vereschagin speaks. - I the eyes saw receipts, where the rent for January for 50 and more percent above December.

Why so have jumped up the prices, now understand both regional, and municipal authorities. Since March, 10th in region it is opened a hot line . Only for first three days of work lines 216 references have arrived.

According to officials, in most cases push the prices management companies. The Lomonosovsky Office of Public Prosecutor of Arkhangelsk, for example, last year has inspected legality of increase of tariffs for the maintenance and repair in 33 apartment houses which are in management of the companies of Open Company the House manager of Varavino - the Trading station and Open Company the House manager of Varavino . It is established that, most likely, management companies have forged signatures of tenants and have raised tariffs. According to preliminary data, from July, 1st 2008 on May, 31st, 2009. Thus, businessmen have illegally received more than eight millions roubles.

to receive it is more than information on a situation with tariffs, under the order of governor Ilya Mihalchuka in region the quadrilateral commission into which representatives of the regional government, tenants, the trade-union organisations and suppliers of utilities will enter is created.

Besides, the area government has considered the problem yesterday on decrease in a share of own expenses of citizens on payment of premises and utilities in the cumulative income of a family with 22 to 19 percent.