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In Ural Mountains townspeople all ohotnee move in village

Come to village Keys that under Krasnoufimsky, - and as if to parallel measurement you get. Satellite plates on roofs of houses and jeeps in court yard adjoin to the Soviet prices in a local dining room: the cutlet costs a tchervonets, and the most expensive dish - pelmeni - 36 roubles.

the Main agriculturist of a local agricultural production Lyudmila Hohrjakova has lived all life in a city, and in 50 years - took yes has moved from Krasnoufimska to Keys. To replace a residence permit the director of agrofirm Peter Tumasov has persuaded. Has promised the arranged well habitation - and has not deceived. There lives Lyudmila in two-level apartment. Goes on red to the Field the bought agrofirm for office using.

- In a city huddled on a small living space with children and grandsons. And here - one on 70 squares and work in 15 minutes of walking, - does not hide pleasure of Hohrjakova.

the House in which have placed the main agriculturist, language does not turn to name a hostel but nevertheless it is a hostel. Have constructed it in Soviet period for students who came to clean a potato. And in the middle of 90 - h the agrofirm has reconstructed a hostel in a building of cottage type, now lodges in it experts - recruits. In the last two days six families here have grown roots.

- Here we will soon definitively finish reconstruction of a hostel and we can accept still families 20, - Tumasov argues. - we Will sell these apartments to employees at the comprehensible price. Or to give - that who has fulfilled 10 years and more. And then we take the loan in bank, we will start to build new cottages, the place suffices...

According to yesterday`s townspeople, back in a civilisation them at all does not pull. Meat and milk in Keys costs much more cheaply. There is a kindergarten and school, and for leisure - club. The average salary of inhabitants of village - 9200 roubles, especially hardworking earn on 20 thousand roubles. Yes, it a ceiling . But after all and in Ekaterinburg an average salary - 18 thousand. Besides, now even in a big city to find work uneasy. For example, 31 - summer Victoria, the group economist of agrofirm, goes for work in Keys already from the Perm edge, for 150 kilometres. Speaks, more close has found nothing.

And farmers - the brothers of Orlovy who have organised in Kamensk area of area the whole settlement, have preferred village to big cities. Veniamin Orlov is no time lived and worked in Ekaterinburg, has then decided to return home, took a plot of the earth and has gradually collected round itself relatives - brothers have been scattered on the country: Norilsk, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg. Now in submission at Veniamin more than 30 workers. Has constructed a dining room where peasants have dinner almost free of charge, has entered price-work system of payment...

How many they, immigrants from a city in village, in Sverdlovsk area also do not know. According to the Minister of Agriculture of region Ilya Bondarev, such stream is most notable there where it is a lot of the monocities not capable in crisis to provide the population by workplaces. The minister marks: in 2010 on village 199 premises, 118 - to young families will be allocated. in a city young men have problems with job search, with semom apartments. In countryside these questions dare easier - the minister considers.

In region the program of resettlement of townspeople in village for a long time works. Between an economy and a family of the future worker the contract on which the employer undertakes to give a workplace and habitation consists, to immigrants pay journey and conveyance. In 2010 the regional department of employment plans to help with resettlement to 23 families.

- Wishing to go to villages would be more, but so much demands were made by employers, - the chief of department of the organisation of employment, social partnership and labour migration of department of public service of employment of the population of Sverdlovsk area Elena Ostudina speaks.


Evgenie Animitsa managing chair of regional and municipal economy of the Ural state economic university:

- Back migration - not a new tendency. The time is more difficult, the more Russian pulls to the earth - the mother. Economists argue: to revive village or to aspire to its merge to the city environment? I the supporter of golden mean. Recently in structure of Ekaterinburg have included about 20 settlements - to inhabitants of these points there were well a few more blessings, but yesterday`s settlements were not urbanised, have not lost the originality.

Earlier the Ural village was self-sufficient, strong crafts: tagilskie trays, nevjanskie chests, the Turin wooden toy; sewed valenoks, did sledge, forged masterpieces in smithies. It is necessary to revive crafts. But it is necessary to understand that back migration - the phenomenon time: when crisis will end, people will be pulled again in cities. Therefore the power should do much more to involve shots on village not temporarily, and for ever.

in the Kurgan region, by the way, among young teachers competition on the right to work at rural schools is held. For ended high schools and peduchilishcha there it is provided 100 thousand roubles elevating . This year quantity wishing to go to the remote place has sharply increased: four persons apply for one vacant place. The contract can be broken off (money teachers - the contract employee come back in the budget) for minor offences of the worker, in case of its condemnation by court and at own will. During action of system since 2006 only one young expert has left in other region, the others work till now in village.