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The new communication line will reduce rupture between regions

Decrease in tariffs for the Internet and cost alignment between the centre and a remote places - one of the primary goals of branch of communication this year. As has noted yesterday during a space bridge Moscow - Krasnoturyinsk head minkomsvjazi Igor Schegolev, in Zauralye it will be promoted by start volokonno - the optical communication line between Ekaterinburg - Hunts - Mansijsky - Surgut - Noyabrsk.

the Minister has noticed that thanks to it in the second quarter of this year in regions through which take place fibre-optical lines, tariffs attractive to the population will be generated. The minister, of course, recognised that at the first stage the Internet not begins to differ in the high speeds, but access to the Global network will be much on a pocket.

In minkomsvjazi last year spoke about a problem of high tariffs in a number of regions where there is one, a maximum two operators who dictate the prices for access to the Global network. As it is known, in the central part of Russia, basically in big cities, cost of the Internet with good speeds does not exceed 500 - 700 roubles. In remote places people are compelled to pay more than 1000 roubles a month for the slow channel of access. Here, of course, there is an exit to use mobile operators, but also their quotations are high.

the Fibre-optical line which will allow to lower Internet cost in Zauralye, has been solemnly opened within the limits of the anniversary actions devoted 150 - letiju from the date of a birth of the Russian inventor of radio Popova. Thanks to this line the space bridge between the government House in Moscow and Krasnoturyinsk already became now possible. In capital on communication left vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov, and in Krasnoturyinsk its questions were answered with head minkomsvjazi Igor Schegolev.

Sergey Ivanov has noted importance of development of a fibre-optical network which will give the chance to develop to regions. Certainly, to pull a cable in the extent of 2000 kilometres in the conditions of a permafrost hardly. However thanks to efforts of operators the population Hunts - Mansijska, Surgut, Noyabrsk and Krasnoturyinsk can use the Internet - resources.

In turn Igor Schegolev recognised, what not in all regions of Russia it is possible to stretch a fibre-optical network now. In those regions where the optics will not reach, the organisation of the satellite Internet is planned. The companion of a name of Popova was one of devices which has been put into orbit in the civil purposes last year. According to Schegolev, it works normally and reliably. Also in plans minkomsvjazi maintenance through companions of a television signal. As it is known, now to Russia at full speed there is a development of digital television. And the Far East became the first region where it has started to operate.