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Trainer Sergey Yuran: Players of CSKA have shown the present Russian football

The impressions of performance of CSKA with the correspondent the well-known football player and nowadays trainer Sergey Yuran, in the middle of 90 - h playing a quarterfinal of League of champions as a part of Moscow " has shared; Spartaka .

: Sergey Nikolaevich, admit, expected such result from soldiers?

Sergey Yuran : On the contrary, expected that CSKA will be problematic to pass Seville . In - the first, the result of the first match was not in favour of soldiers, and, in - the second, Seville is one of leaders of the Spanish championship. Besides, at this club the good statistics of house matches in League of champions. Further, at Seville the championship comes to an end, and CSKA only has begun a season. I watched a match of the first round with Amkarom soldiers tjazhelovato looked. All these moments, of course, guarded. But as a result, as correctly Leonid Slutsky has told, it has appeared that there is nothing impossible. At the competent tactical approach, huge desire of football players, self-return impossible becomes possible. It is necessary to congratulate soldiers only.

RG : What to you has especially attracted in CSKA game?

Yuran : the First - compactness in all lines was pleasant, beginning from protection and finishing an attack. The second, from a starting whistle till last minutes the command accurately carried out tactical installation on game. Even if something was impossible, children did not lower a hand and continued to bend the.

RG : What will tell on a personnel?

Yuran : It is necessary to note Honda. All - taki not so is a lot of time at it was on adaptation, and nevertheless, on games with Amkarom and Seville it is safely possible to tell that the football player has accustomed. In general the beginners who have come to CSKA gradually develop, so to say, in a mosaic, fulfil the money put up in them.

RG : From the point of view of the trainer estimate a role in success of the instructor of CSKA of Leonid Slutsky.

Yuran : it is obvious that there is a result. Also hardly who will argue that Slutsky has come to club where it is not necessary to build a command. There is a base put still by Gazzayev. To naturally, coming trainer in such conditions it is worked more comfortably: he needs to be engaged only in training process, directly football. For me the main thing that Slutsky did not begin to do sharp movements to twitch. In a short space of time it could not to rally children, but to force itself to listen, here that is important. All - taki Gazzayev, Ziko, Ramos is, we will tell so, grandees, and Slutsky - the beginning young trainer. That is more remarkable that football players respect the instructor, and respect him in the field, keeping discipline completely.

RG : you - spartakovets. In the Spanish match supported soldiers or it is simple for beautiful football?

Yuran : Certainly I worried about CSKA. In particular, for the young expert: it would be desirable, that at it all has turned out. And still after all there is a rating in Euro cups. Here I will support now the Ruby . As to soldiers, I was imposed always by this club, to those that, since the president, at CSKA all is debugged, organised. There is a discipline, sports school.

RG : whether you Know that CSKA became the second Russian club which has made the way in a quarterfinal of League of champions. And the first was Spartak a season 1995/ 96 in which you played also. What it to get so it is far?

Yuran :   Good there was a season. When you pass further, there is an extraordinary confidence of the forces. I remember, with each victory we became on - sports more impudently. Well and in plej - off Leagues of champions the exit in the following stage means that you have overcome the strong contender, one of leading clubs of the world. And comprehension of it charges you extreme confidence.

RG :   the Structure chetvertfinalistov already was almost defined. As you consider, whom it is more preferable to meet CSKA. With the grandee like Manchester United or Barcelonas or with clubs is more modest, type Lyons or Bordeaux .

Yuran :   I Think that at this stage of weak contenders it is not necessary to choose. To say that Lyons or, say, Bordeaux more poorly the others, incorrectly. And what for to choose? The same the Ruby has shown that is possible and Barcelona to beat. And it is not necessary to choose: we will remember Slovenia. On whom will get, with that and it is necessary to play. Anyway, CSKA already the eighth club in Europe. And even if they cannot pass further, an exit in a quarterfinal - already big success for soldiers.