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Practical realisation of the civil-engineering design of the atomic power station in Belarus

the international specialised exhibition which has Taken place in Minsk " has begun; Atomekspo - Belarus - 2010 has shown: the theme of building of the atomic power station interests not only energetikov and businessmen. To look at an exposition where production of nuclear mechanical engineering has been presented, devices and the equipment for a construction and atomic power station operation, modern systems of safety and many other things have come students of the Belarus high schools, experts, experts, ecologists, townspeople. The future of peace atom - a question which now excites all.

In a forum have taken part about 60 organisations from the different countries of the world, including more than 30 enterprises of nuclear branch of Russia. Experts discussed the various nuances connected with building and support of the nuclear project. Among the numerous statements sounding from tribunes, we will allocate one, in our opinion, the most important: The practical phase of realisation of the project on atomic power station building started. It was declared at opening of an exhibition by the deputy minister of power of Belarus Yury Rymashevsky. In Ostrovtse building of habitation, an infrastructure, other objects for those experts who will serve station has already begun. In 2010 - m in Belarus will accept also the statutory act in which the decision on atomic power station erection will be fixed. Working out standard - legal base proceeds.

All it means that nuclear process grows. However, according to the Belarus experts, some important points until now and are not defined. In particular, it is a question of allocation of the credit by the Russian side. There are negotiations, the position is formulated accurately: money is necessary not only for a station construction, but also on an accompanying infrastructure.

Input of the first power unit of the Belarus atomic power station, as it is known, is planned for 2016, the second - on 2018 - j. Same specifications at the Baltic atomic power station in the Kaliningrad region where terms of a preparatory stage were already made even and even advance the Belarus schedule. Still recently experts confirmed, as in Ostrovtse to keep within the plan not the problem, the main thing - to fill in the first concrete in 2010 - m. this prospect is how much real today? This question has been set to the first vice-president of Russian Joint-Stock Company Atomstrojeksport to Alexander Gluhov.

- Realization of the project nobody tightens, - the representative of the company which will act genpodrjadchikom buildings of the Belarus atomic power station has assured. - 2018 Called earlier - real term of delivery at once two blocks of station. The intergovernmental agreement on our, working, level is almost co-ordinated. There are different interpretations under separate articles which have appeared after a direction of the given document on passage of the interdepartmental coordination. Now the Belarus and Russian ministries and departments try to settle them in direct dialogue. In turn, the contract agreement, I consider, is highly readiness and can be signed right after agreement signings between the governments of Belarus and Russia. To fill the document with needless details which will be reflected in the contract, I think, it is inexpedient.

As to the Baltic atomic power station, that, according to A.Gluhov, Russia never hid that such project exists.

- Today according to operating plans and the governmental documents the management is generated, on a platform the first stone is put. The engineering specifications are prepared, a number of resolving documents is received, the building initial stage is provided by financing. To compare this project with Belarus I do not want, as it is not absolutely correct. These are two different projects, and each of them has a market. Speech needs to be conducted today not about dynamics, not about what of stations will erect the first. It is important, that both have been constructed.

One more pressing question - about distribution of the electric power received on the future atomic power station. In the Department of Energy of Belarus, making comments on a section and sale theme, declare that the Belarus atomic power station is erected first of all for a diversification toplivno - power balance, replacement of leaving capacities and depreciation of the electric power in the country. Therefore any negotiations with Russia about possible joint sale of the energy received on the future atomic power station, Belarus does not conduct.

During a nuclear forum spoke and about new forms of co-operation. An exhibition - excellent possibility to fasten or renew business relations. Interest of delivery of the equipment for the Belarus atomic power station, for example, was stated by representatives of company Siemens. The Russian Open Society Power machines Offers Belarus the first low-speed turbine for the atomic power station. And the state specialised project institute of state corporation Rosatom has concluded the preliminary contract on intentions with Institute of applied physics NAN of Belarus. Atomekspo - Belarus according to the Russian designers, became a good occasion to restoration of the lost contacts, after all after disorder of the USSR the institute with Belarus practically did not work. Have renewed the relations Russians and with Incorporated institute of power and nuclear researches - Pines.

the Steadfast attention has been given ecological aspects. In the adjacent countries hearings come to the end according to atomic power station influence on environment: all constructive remarks will by all means consider. Does not remain without attention and social factor. The standard base according to which to the experts occupied in the project will allocate special habitation with the repayment right in the property through certain time is developed. Also in the city local plan energetikov platforms where besides special it will be possible to construct and elite habitation, including cottages are allocated.