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The United Nations: every fourth Afghan in 2009 is killed by coalition armies

About a quarter of the lost civilians in 2009 in Afghanistan have been killed as a result of actions of the international coalition led by the USA and the NATO, and as a whole for last year the record quantity of victims among civilians in this country is fixed from the moment of falling of a mode of Talibs.

Such data contains   in the report of the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to Security council which will be discussed at session of Security council of the organisation on Thursday. For lack of the secretary general of the United Nations who are on a visit in Moscow, the report the new head of mission of the Incorporated nations of assistance rendering will present to Afghanistan Staffan de to Mistura.

“ in 2009 in Afghanistan 2412 civilians were lost in total that for 14 percent exceeds a previous year indicator. Thus, under the available data, 1630 persons (67 percent)   Were lost as a result of actions of antigovernmental elements, and 596 persons (25 percent) - from actions of the progovernmental forces. The  destruction of the others of 186 persons can be caused actions of any of the parties in the conflict “ - it is told in the report.

In the document also it is noticed that air blows of aircraft of a coalition and a finding of military facilities near to areas of residing of civilians “ invariably “ increase danger to which the civilians of Afghanistan are exposed. Despite criticism from many countries, including Russia, actions of coalition forces led by the USA and the NATO, these tragical incidents repeat in Afghanistan regularly. The tactical instructions brought by the Pentagon, which   have not helped even; order to armies to prevent  destruction of peace citizens, including by careful checks of data on places of future bombardments.