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CIA attacks have forced leaders “ Al - Kaidy “ to leave in a deep underground

the Director of CIA Leon Panetta has declared to the newspaper “ Washington a post “ that constant attacks to bases of terrorists in Afghanistan have essentially undermined potential “ Al - Kaidy “ also have forced its leaders “ to lie down on a bottom “ in the remote areas on border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Under the statement of the chief of the American reconnaissance department, insurgents are so demoralised by incessant blows that in one of recently intercepted messages beg Osama a bin literally - Ladena to come to the rescue of them.

Naming CIA operation on destruction of a terrorist infrastructure in Afghanistan “ the most aggressive in the history of reconnaissance department “ Panetta has confirmed recent  destruction of one of heads “ Al - Kaiy ” which has been killed as a result of attack of the pilotless plane.

Nevertheless the head of espionage department had to recognise that investigation of the USA has no now the data on Osama`s concrete site a bin - Ladena and its main assistant - “ the terrorist Ή2 “ Ajmana al - Zavahiri. Under data available in Lengli, the top management of a terrorist cell disappears in territory of northern Pakistan.

In the meantime the commander of armed forces of the USA and the NATO in Afghanistan general Stanley Makristal has declared to journalists that it to take full of desire of the main originator of acts of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001 in New York and Washington live and to transfer to its American justice. This point of view does not coincide at all with opinion of the general public prosecutor of the USA Eric Holdera which some days ago has publicly declared that the bin - Is fine never will appear before the American court as it will be killed either Americans, or own people.