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Russia is going to note 200 years from the date of a victory over Napoleon

Yesterday vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov has held the first session of state commission on preparation for celebrating of the two-hundredth anniversary of a victory of Russia in Patriotic war of 1812. Action has passed in a museum building - panoramas the Borodino fight on the Kutuzovsky prospectus in Moscow.

It is significant that we have gathered in such place - very important place for our country, symbolical, devoted to our victory - there has begun the speech Zhukov. Before to pass to discussion, it has transferred to a management of a museum a banner In memory of heroes of Borodino which has been made in 1912, and in 1990 - m - is stolen. There was a relic only in June, 2008 in one of capital antique shops. And here now the banner has returned to a museum.

By words vitse - a premiere, heroic annals of 1812... Many long years will be a patriotism example And participants of events of those years - national heroes. It has quoted Pushkin: To be proud slavoju the ancestors not only it is possible, but also should . And then has reminded that by each large anniversary of a victory over Napoleon of the power arrange celebrations. So, to 100 - letiju in St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Vyazma and Maloyaroslavets tens monuments and obelisks have been established, four temples are erected, and also the panorama which idea will be realised half a century later for the first time has been planned. Then, to 150 - letiju, the Triumphal arch has been recreated and the film " is shot; the Hussar ballad . Considering this historical experience, Russia should do the utmost for the organisation of carrying out of anniversary at the highest level - Zhukov has concluded. As he said, for this purpose there are all possibilities - means in the budget are already provided.

In November the government has confirmed the plan of the basic actions. Besides restoration of monuments and monuments among them is both encyclopaedia release, and the organisation various military - historical parades, festivals and competitions, and scientific conferences. In total on these purposes it is required 2 mlrd 380 million roubles.

pavilion building in the State historical museum in which the exhibits devoted to war of 1812 will take place becomes One of key actions: till now 15 000 subjects and 95 000 documents are stored in store rooms. - a panorama which in Soviet period was one of the most profitable, reconstruction also is necessary to a museum: it becomes more interactive.

the Borodino field also will prepare for a holiday. the problem of restoration of historical shape of this monument has ripened for a long time - Andrey Busygin considers the deputy minister of culture. - but there are some complicating circumstances: it is necessary to take down settlement Borodino, located directly in the field . Now in it live 75 persons. The habitation is worn extremely out, but formally does not concern to shabby and emergency. Thus means for resettlement are, there is a possibility to find the investor to construct habitation, but disagreements with the Ministry of Finance and minekonomrazvitija till now are not overcome, has explained the deputy minister.

As Alexander Zhukov after session has told, the decision to create social council at state commission was accepted: Seldom when event draws such attention of the public, and the initiative goes from below . Zhukov has explained that descendants of heroes of that war create expositions, and just and the social council will be engaged in coordination of their actions. we will involve public organisations and patrons of art on a maximum - he has assured.

As has informed vitse - the prime minister, regions prepare for celebrations even more actively, than the federal centre: have already developed programs and have started to allocate means. Will celebrate a victory over Frenchmen not only in Russia, but also abroad - in the European countries and the CIS. By words vitse - the premiere, future event can become an important link of spiritual culture and underline a place of Russia in the world.