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In Russia any more there will be no time zone MSK+1

last Sunday March of an arrow on hours will translate not all. Moscow and 77 more subjects of Federation will move on an hour forward, having passed thereby on summer time, and five regions have decided not to do it. And in Minpromtorge Russia has already approved such demands which have arrived from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, Anadyr, Kemerovo, Izhevsk and Samara.

Yesterday it became known that in Victor Khristenko`s department projects of the corresponding governmental orders of Russia from which follows are prepared that Udmurtiya and the Samara region pass to the Moscow time, and Kamchatka and Chukotka - for the period of Magadan. Thereby in Russia the most east is abolished - the eleventh time zone, and disorder of time between the most western (Kaliningrad region) and (Chukotka) suburbs of our country is reduced by the most east with present 10 till 9 o`clock.

Conversations on possibility such consolidations were conducted for a long time, but in a practical plane the theme of time zones has passed in the autumn of 2009 - after it was accented in the Message to Federal Meeting by the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

After many ideas and offers, including rather radical - have been stated it reducing a difference in time between Moscow and Vladivostok with present seven till four o`clock.

This theme was roughly discussed on the Internet and mass-media, there were many reader`s responses and on a site after our publications Have ungirdled (16. 11. 09), Time CH (19. 11. 09), Russia does not hasten, it concentrates (25. 11. 2009), we do not hasten, and we are condensed (26. 11. 2009).

Radical innovations, as one would expect, were eliminated - the weighed approach has prevailed. In a case if the offered project of the governmental order will be accepted, Chukotka and Kamchatka will pass in time zone of Magadan (+8 hours to Moscow), and the Udmurt Republic and the Samara region advancing Moscow of all at one o`clock, begin to live on the Kremlin chiming clock - as there live now their nearest neighbours. Thus the time zone MSK+1 (it only two mentioned subjects of Federation formed) does not become at all. And then time difference on all border Moscow and Ekaterinburg hour zones will make two hours.

All these innovations, it is told in the decision project, come into force with 02. On March, 00 28 - in the night from Saturday to Sunday, simultaneously with transition on summertime .

As appears from explanatory notes to projects of decisions on four subjects of Federation, the population in these regions positively concerns to offered changes. The similar decision was accepted the day before concerning the Kemerovo region. Now it is unique region in Western Siberia, having a difference with Moscow at four o`clock. The Novosibirsk to Kuzbas Novosibirsk, Omsk and Tomsk areas, Altay territory and Republic Altai have moved for a long time already on an hour more close to Moscow.

to Their example also Kuzbas - the governmental order of the Russian Federation " now will follow; About application in territory of the Kemerovo region of time of the fifth time zone it is already accepted, and governor Aman Tuleyev has charged to local officials to provide transition in other time zone so that this event has passed for inhabitants of area imperceptibly and without serious consequences .