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The Chelyabinsk GAI officers have not allowed to the husband to take the wife who was bleeding profusely

by Chelyabinsk department SKP to hospital criminal case about excess of powers of office of the militiaman with application of violence and spetssredstv is brought. Under a consequence - two employees of traffic police of traffic police of Chelyabinsk. They have put on handcuffs and have beaten the driver who carried the bleeding profusely spouse in hospital and consequently has left from a place of infringement of traffic regulations, without having waited report registrations.

Incident has occurred in Metallurgical area of Chelyabinsk. Turning on street Rumjantseva, 29 - the summer driver Nisana Alexey Prokopenko has broken rules. He very much hurried up. Two weeks ago it in a family had a kid. And today at the wife the postnatal bleeding has unexpectedly opened. Without beginning to expect arrival fast the guy has shipped the spouse in the car and itself has carried it in specialised clinic 6.

the employees who have Stopped the car of traffic police have asked documents and have informed that Alexey has not passed the pedestrian. Having explained to them as could, a situation, the guy has given them documents … the Police officer has departed from the car. In it the moment to it have called by phone, slow conversation &hellip was fastened; Alexey did not begin to wait for Its termination. To hospital from a crossroads was already no distance...

Before a barrier of medical institution it was overtaken by the fighters of traffic police offended by such behaviour, have pulled out from the car, have put on handcuffs and for vrazumlenija have some times put bludgeons. Then have shipped in the office car and have brought to police station to make the report on infringement of rules and insubordination to legal requirements of peace officers.

the spouse who has Jumped out of the car Alexey has asked not to interfere and most to reach a hospital accident ward. Fortunately, all has managed. To the woman in time have assisted and now to its health threatens nothing.

In a police car between Alexey and pravoohraniteljami the interesting dialogue, which guy, the lawyer by training has taken place, has just in case written down on the phone. Record has turned out short, however from it it is clear, in what mood valorous guards stayed. In reply to requests of the driver to release it in hospital, militiamen did not stand on ceremony - watered with obscene language.

Judging by the maintenance of conversation, guards were very much angered by Alexey`s attempts to be covered a condition of the wife and to phone on a traffic police telephone hotline. One of GAI officers has suggested it to go to court, to the doctor, such - at that swear, where - to it in parallel but such (we pass epithets. - Red.) It will punish.

As head SKP across Chelyabinsk Stepan Shulga has informed, obvious signs of excess of powers of office are seen in actions of militiamen. Strong reasons for detention of the road infringer, especially with application spetssredstv - handcuffs and rubber bludgeons - at them were not.

Under the law it is authorised only in that case when threat of life and to health of citizens, including law enforcement officers is created. The driver for GAI officers did not represent any threat, resistance did not render. Has simply left from a place of fulfilment of an offence.

At guards in this respect the opinion. They have declared that the driver has made a serious offence and has disappeared from a scene that is why measures to its detention have been taken. And if it has brought down the pedestrian? It and then it would be necessary to release?

the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the Chelyabinsk area initiated own office check and has acted with an official statement that before its termination conclusions about guilt of employees of traffic police in the arisen conflict situation are not - checked up, unreasonable and premature . However any statement that the facts sounded by the suffered driver, - the mean intended lie which has been thought up from desire to revenge to respectable militiamen, fairly fulfilled the duty, has not arrived.

Approximately the same line adhered in the comments of a situation and the head of regional traffic police Sergey Kuryshev. Any disciplinary actions to the employees who have got under a consequence it is not accepted. And as have informed the correspondent, to an end of the investigation will not be accepted. However one of the high-ranking ranks of traffic police admitted a personal meeting that is dumbfounded by cynicism of subordinates. As he said, already for the style of the dialogue shown by militiamen in become known conversation with the infringer, they should be driven from militia a nasty broom and more to people close not to admit.

- At me now commanders of divisions, - the interlocutor has informed. - many any more one ten years in bodies. All have already got acquainted with the record which has been laid out on the Internet. And, believe, all in shock! How this driver, probably has led, it has intentionally provoked the conflict to write down reaction to phone, there are data, what even its wife tried to calm … All the same employees of traffic police had no right so itself to conduct. What for was to arrange a pursuit? Could write simply the official report and hand over the rights in the division - itself behind them would be.

Alexey Prokopenko faces not for the first time roughness from employees of traffic police. However even at it who have seen kinds of the driver, incident has caused full bewilderment.

- At first I wanted to explain, reach simply them, - Alexey tells. - has then understood - it is useless. As about a wall peas! Then I have replaced a tonality. Has understood that it is necessary to agree with all not to deduce them from itself. Simply asked, that have released. Perhaps, therefore from me also have removed handcuffs. Otherwise I could not write down this conversation in a police car in any way.

Incident has caused the present storm among the Chelyabinsk motorists and is widely discussed. On one of the automobile sites which have placed a conversation recording of militiamen, yesterday has arrived more than 90 thousand responses. has now heard to record. Really such cops does not reach that it is a little more, and the people will simply blow up - has declared one of the anonymous users who most brightly have reflected the relation the Internet - communities to incident.

Inspectors of traffic police simply are afraid. And the lawlessness, judging by responses, is created on all roads. Where at people humanity was gone? After all earlier people jumped out on road and braked the first police car when it was necessary to deliver the wife in maternity home or to rescue the person. And now such impression that type militiamen it is not known whence and whom has got . And it yet the sharpest responses.

Even wives of militiamen to whom yesterday during material preparation could communicate the correspondent, do not justify action of the employees who have got under a flywheel of traffic police. In their opinion, the driver has been frightened, could be in an affect condition, it was necessary not to make out infringement, and to spend him with a flasher to hospital. Really at them families are not present?