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Tyler thirsts a revenge, but Williams has aimed at Klichko

Iron Mike after unexpected defeat from Denni Williams all in any way cannot will calm down and threatens to arrange indicative Returning number 2 . It is interesting that as the future contender Tyler sees the same Williams.
fights - revenges are rather popular in boxing. Tyler, as well as any well-known boxer, very much takes hard the recent defeat from little-known Williams. And the trainer Iron Mike and Eks - the world champion in a super heavyweight have already put forward the official version of loss.
at me a good command and good sparring - partners. I was physically and is psychologically ready to fight with Williams. But in the first round I have a little hurried and have injured a knee. After that I have lost possibility to strike blows on the right - Mike has declared.
Besides, as informs Allboxing, Mike has confirmed that all its thoughts are now directed on returning to a ring and if the received trauma does not give any complications, spectators again will see it in some months. Tyler not only has not excluded possibility of that in following fight will try to take a revenge from Denni Williams, but also has told, what exactly and will be.
Williams has so grown bolder after a victory over Tyler that already has publicly declared that the gain of a title of the world champion becomes following step for it. I want to meet Vitaly Klichko to select at it a rank of the world champion, - Williams in interview BBC has told. - People can tell everything, but Denni Williams, that is I, has won Mike Tyler. I have gone with it to exchange and knocked out it .
By the way, Williams Frenk Uorren`s promoter also has supported the ward in its aspiration to champion fight. Klichko and Denni - other champions excite nobody, - has declared Warren. - Denni became a star. He has managed to bring revival in a superheavy battalion. Now all its years of heavy trainings will pay off, and it can become the strongest superheavyweight of the world and, I hope, the richest too .