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Hatton is afraid to fight with Tszju

Billi Grem, the trainer of the world champion under version IBF in Ricky Hattona`s the first light-middleweight weight, does not see sense in repeated fight of its ward and the Bone of Tszju. It would be repetition passed - he has noted in interview to edition The Sun. Thus, it is possible to say that the long-awaited revenge of our boxer and will not take place. Anyway, in the near future.
now trainer Ricky Hattona would like, that Ricky has spent fight either with Flojdom Mejvezerom, or with Migelem Kotto. Fight with Mejvezerom would become the greatest event in boxing, it is fight which we want also I, both Ricky, and we want to be engaged in its organisation - tells Bills of Grem.
we Will remind that Flojd Mejvezer - younger, occupying now the second line in a rating of the best fighters of the world without dependence from a weight category, has declared to the British journalists that is ready to battle to Ricky Hattonom but only provided that fight will pass in the USA, informs Allboxing. According to Mevezera, such requirement is connected by that Rickys Hatton - the dirty fighter, and here (in the USA) to it will not allow to beat below a belt, on a nape and to hold the contender for hands .
Mejvezer is assured that the duel between them in the USA will provide with it fees at least on 5 million pounds (an order of 9 million dollars) to everyone. However managers of Hattona, and also representatives of TV channel Showtime have noticed that in the foreseeable future are not going to take away Hattona from Manchester where the great bulk of admirers of the British boxer is concentrated.
However it is clear that a principal cause of refusal of Hattona in fight with Tszju is the real fear - fear to lose a title.