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The second record gold Vjatchanina and a fatal jump Pahalinoj

Margarita Zhmerkina
Penultimate day of the European championship on water sports has given surprises. As pleasant, and not so. Arcady Vjatchanin has won the second gold on present superiority, having won a heat on a back on a distance of 200 metres but also with a record of the European championships.
and here for Julia Pahalinoj the ending in jumps from a three-metre springboard has developed rather unsuccessfully. One of the basic pretenders to a medal, in the third jump of the ending has made a gross blunder at an input in water. The oversight was not fatal, having allowed the Russian to keep the first position (truth already having divided it with Swede Anna Lindberg). However as it has appeared, it has affected a spirit of the sportswoman, both Pahalina zaporola and the fourth jump, failure in which became fatal - the leader of the morning program and till this moment the leader of the ending has at once lost six positions, it having appeared on the seventh place and, as a result, having lost possibility not only to struggle for gold but also for a podium in general.
the Victory, it is in many respects unexpected for itself, has gained Lindberg. It is the second gold medal of the Swedish sportswoman in the championship - it has won the first in jumps with 1 - metrovgo a springboard.
for Arcady Vjatchanina gold on a distance of 200 metres on a back became the second in the championship. And, the second with record result for continent. We will remind that 1 - go August the Russian has won on a distance of 100 metres with result of 53,50 seconds.
the Present heat Vjatchanin of the beginnings modestly enough - on a mark of 50 metres it was only the sixth (27,72), and Romanian Razvan Florja (27,43) was in the lead with small advantage. 50 - metrovku Vjatchanin has floated the second already more actively that has allowed it to move from the sixth position on the third. Ahead of it there was only already mentioned Florja and Hungarian Laslo the Czech. But as it has appeared, it was only the beginning - having added a little more, the future champion and the champion of Europe has not left to the contenders even chance of challenging its lawful gold : on a mark of 150 metres leadership of Vjatchanina has made almost second, and on remained 50 - ti he has added to it thirty more the 100-th.
Budapest (Hungary). The European championship on water sports
on August, 5th


50 m, a breast stroke
: 1 - 2. Oleg Lisogor (Ukraine) - 27,48. 1 - 2. Alessandro Terrin (Italy) - 27,48. 3. Matjazh Markich (Slovenia) - 27,87. 4. Roman Sludnov (Russia) - 27,98.
200 m, on a back : 1. Arcady Vjatchanin (Russia) - 1. 55,44 (a record of Europe). 2. Laslo a Czech (Hungary) - 1. 56,69. 3. Razvan Florja (Romania) - 1. 57,83.
100 m, butterfly stroke : 1. Andrey Serdinov (Ukraine) - 51,95. 2. Amori left (France) - 52,76. 3. Nikolats of Starlings (Russia) - 52,96.
Relay race 4200, a freestyle : 1. Italy (Rosolino, Berboto, Kassio, Manini) - 7. 09,60 (a record of Europe). 2. Great Britain (Kerri, Barnett, Hunter, Devenport) - 7. 11,68. 3. Greece (Zisimos, Demetis, Manganas, Ksiluris) - 7. 16,67 5. Russia (Lobintsev, Lagunov, Corporals, Prilukov) - 7. 18,44.
Zhenshchiny50 of m, on a back : 1. Zhannin Pitsh (Germany) - 28,36 (a record of Europe). 2. Alexander Gerasimenja (Belarus) - 28,72. 3. Ante Bushulte (Germany) - 28,73
200 m, a freestyle : 1. Otilija Jedreshchak (Poland) - 1. 57,25. 2. Annika Libs (Germany) - 1. 57,48. 3. Laura Manodu (France) - 1. 58,48
Jumps from a springboard and a tower

the Springboard, 3 m
: 1. Anna Lindberg (Sweden) - 330,60. 2. Ditte Kottsjan (Germany) - 324,90. 3. Bart`s hole (Hungary) - 319,85 6. Julia Pahalina (Russia) - 296,70... 9. Anastas Pozdnyakov (Russia) - 258,30