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Erdzhanik Avetisjan - the world champion in a monastery!

in the World championship on shooting in Zagreb Russian Erdzhanik Avetisjan has repeated the success of 1999 - and has won a gold medal in a monastery. About it to Agency of the sports information All sports the head coach of Russian national team on bench shooting Sergey Planovsky has told.
the Victory of Erdzhanik is especially expensive to us, - Sergey Planovsky has told. - Last time it became the world champion still seven years ago, in 1999. After that has given birth two twins, then to the third boy, has returned, in last championship of Russia has surpassed a world record - and here again became the best in a monastery on a planet. Erdzhanik supports Russian national team 17 years, and quite can to shoot on the Olympic Games in Beijing. Actually, in this exercise I hoped also on Light to Dyomin, but, unfortunately, it has badly shot the first series - and could not overtake for competitors .
Also Sergey Planovsky has informed that in command competitions in exercise a monastery Russian national team in structure Erdzhanik Avetisjan, Svetlana Deminoj and Olga Panarinoj have won a silver medal, and juniorki Albina Shakirov and Anzhelina Mishchuk have won serebrnjauju and bronze medals (command tournament was not spent).
we Will remind that on third of August in the same discipline Russian Valery Shomin has won silver.
on August, 5th
the Monastery. Women. Command offset. 1. The USA (Koni Smotek, Vrendi Nile, Hali Dann) - 211 points (a world record). 2. Russia (Erdzhanik Avetisjan, Svetlana Dyomin, Olga Panarina) - 209. 3. Italy (Kjara Kajnero, the Recession Katyusha, Christina Vitali) - 209.
Personal offset. 1. Erdzhanik Avetisjan (Russia) - 95 points. 2. Kjara Kajnero (Italy) - 94 (in firing - 4). 3. Danka Bartekova (Slovakia) - 94 (in firing - 3).
the Monastery. Juniorki. Personal offset. 1. Emili Blaunt (USA) - 71 point. 2. Albina Shakirov - 68. 3. Anzhelina Mishchuk - 67 8. Anastas Krahmaleva (all - Russia) - 63.