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Struggle. A.Hushtov: About star fever cannot be and speeches

One of the main hopes of Russian national team on Greek - the Roman struggle on the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing, the champion of Europe - 2008 in a weight category to 96 kg of Aslanbek Hushtov continues preparation on final gathering in Novosibirsk, counts exclusively on a victory, but does not feel in this connection special pressure. About it to Agency of the sports information All sports has declared Aslanbek Hushtov.
At me now, strangely enough, very quiet, I even would tell, peace mood, - Aslanbek Hushtov admitted. - I Train, I leave on a carpet, I do the work, I try not to suppose miscalculations and correctly to be brought to the Olympic Games. It seems to me that my form now at least is not worse than that that was in the European championship in April. However, after Tampere I struggled only once - in the beginning of July at competitions in Madrid. Felt a little tjazhelovato after 20 - day gathering in mountains, but in four duels has conceded only two points. Means, all goes according to plan. proborolsja, has felt two competitions - more at the given stage of anything and it is not necessary. I feel or not, what I am a favourite of the Olympic Games? Here know, this last of what to me it is now thought. Probably, the matter is that the success to me has come at mature enough age, in 28 years, and I endure it as a whole easy. About any star fever cannot be and speeches, to you all associates will confirm it. On - former I train also the most part of time I spend with youth - children on 8 - 10 years are more younger me. But with them it is interesting to me, is them to that to teach, and most from them to be recharged by energy .
Aslanbek Hushtov also admitted that not especially watches the contenders on weight. it does not mean that I scornfully concern someone, by no means. Simply I know that at the age hardly to a smog strongly to change - therefore anyway I will show that I am able by anybody without being guided. It will be possible to win - perfectly. But specially to wind itself I do not want. Before my eyes has passed so much world champions and Europe who did not maintain pressure of the Olympic Games. Therefore I am am irritated with people who periodically approach to me and speak: Aslan, it is necessary a gold medal . I always straighten out such people: I is better you know that it is necessary to me, and if on ten times will not repeat obvious things, maybe, as it will turn out - has told Aslanbek Hushtov.