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The record Ivanovoj has brought to it of 100 thousand dollars

the World record is established on Good-will games which pass in the Australian Brisbane. Ivanov`s Olympic Games, the world champion have fast passed 20 kilometres in the Canadian Edmonton.
Ivanov`s Olympic Games have overcome a distance for 1 hour of 26 minutes 52, 30 seconds. The second place has got to one more representative of our country Svetlana Nikolaevoj who has lagged behind from Ivanovoj for 57 seconds. It is interesting that both have surpassed achievement of Sjuzanny Feltor from Portugal which has been established on July, 21st this year. Now Ivanov will receive from organizers of 100 thousand dollars that is the award for a world record establishment in Brisbane.
yesterday I was poor, and now have a little grown rich - has told after Ivanov`s finish. When the Olympic Games have asked that it will do by money she has answered that will give a part to their parents who live in 70 kilometres from Moscow. Let`s remind that the first loud success at the international competitions has come to Ivanovoj in the World championship of 1997. Then it has taken the second place, but has been disqualified for the use stanozola. Now the Olympic Games have returned to sports and achieve the big successes.
other our participants have not bad acted also. In run on mile Svetlana Tomashova who has lost only Violete Shekels from Romania has shown the second result. Tatyana Lebedev has won competitions in sector for a threefold jump. Its result - 14 metres of 58 centimetres. Natalia Sadova was the second in a disk throwing, having lost Elline Zverevoj from Belarus.