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The revenge for World League has taken place

the Starting match of the European championship on volleyball for Russian national team was very basic: not too for a long time our command including from - for loss to Bulgarians has not got to a semi-final of World League. Now possibility to revenge slav brothers was represented.
the revenge has taken place. The match has been won with account 3 - 1. In the first set struggle has turned out grasping and equal. At account 22 - 18 in our advantage the trainer of modular Bulgaria Milorad Kijats has let out on a platform of Mateja Kazijsky, possessing very strong giving. Russians have become nervous and have allowed the contender to reduce the account to two points. However Vadim Hamutsky could answer quite adequately efforts Kazijsky, and the first set remained behind Russian national team.
in the second party persistent struggle has proceeded. Commands went points to a point, and only at the very end of party Bulgarians, despite fine game of the Russian block, dozhali the contender.
In the third set it was possible to Bulgarians (for the first time in a match) to achieve advantage and to break away on five points. Russians with great difficulty could liquidate and win this separation party 28 - 26.
And here in the fourth party already questions did not arise. And the block Russian worked better, both giving has gone, and the contender was tired. In general, Russians have won last party 25 - 20, but such start on tournament by a lung will not name.
Russians have led a quite good match, but also we had chances of a victory that we and have proved in the second set. But then the weariness, and Russian us simply has affected ran across. I hope that in following matches good luck will smile to us more widely - has declared after game of Milorad Kijats.
Greece - Poland 0:3
Bulgaria - Russia 1:3
Yugoslavia - Holland 3:1