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The Russian volleyball players cannot find the game

yet And in the second match in the European championship on volleyball Russian national team has faced certain problems. As well as in a match against modular Bulgaria, with Poles it was necessary to suffer fairly.
perhaps, only it was possible to win the first set of Russian national team without special problems. It was visible that Poles are rather afraid of eminent contenders that is why operate skovanno a little. Russian national team has quickly enough grasped advantage and has left forward, as a result and without having admitted contenders - 25 - 19.
the Second party has begun the same way as the first has ended. We quickly managed to break away with account 4 - 1, but on it all and has ended. Poland national team has come to the senses. To reduce backlog it and could not, but also increase a Russian national team separation has not allowed. The set and has come to final result 25 - 23.
And here in the third set the small failure has followed from Russian national team. The pair of errors at giving, unsuccessful actions in the attack, the got bad block - and already Poland national team conducts with advantage in five points, and to our volleyball players this advantage in any way does not manage to be liquidated. To an ending of party to Russians all - taki was possible to make even the account - 23 - 23. But two errors cost to us of this set successively.
Poles have angered the Russian national team. The fourth set became the last. As a part of our command Kuleshov who in time was played and on the block to fulfil, and attacks to organise, not including several ejsov. Poles have retired to the background and ventured only rare stings. As a result of 25 - 20, the second victory successively, but national team game causes certain fears. On Sunday we are waited by the most difficult match in a subgroup, against modular Serbia and Montenegro.
Russia - Poland 3:1 (25:19, 25:23, 23:25, 25:20)
Italian national team had no problems in a match against a team of Spain and has won with account 3 - 0.
Italy - Spain 3:0 (25:16, 25:22, 25:16)