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Petakki has won the eighth stage Vuelty in career

Alessandro Petakki has won the second stage Vuelty . Simultaneously with the Italian to finish there has arrived the whole group of racers. A yellow vest of the leader Dutch Max va has received Heesvijk.

Petakki, captain Fassa Bortolo, on finish has overtaken German Eric Tsabelja and Spaniard Oscar Frejre. The winner has overcome 207 km for 5 hours of 2 minutes of 4 seconds.

for Petakki this victory became the eighth at stages Vuelty .

Among leaders there have arrived also Stewart O`Grejdi, Pedro Orrillo and Antonio Krus.

the third stage of race Today will take place. Bicycle racers should pass 157,1 km from Burgos to Sorii.

1. Alessandro Petakki (Italy, Fassa Bartolo) 5:02,04

2. Eric Tsabel (Germany, T - Mobile) - the same time

3. Oscar Frejre (Spain, Rabobank) - the same time

4. Stewart O`Grejdi (Australia, Cofidis) - the same time

5. Pedro Orrillo (Spain, Quick Step) - the same time

6. Dzhisue Bonomi (Italy, Saeco) - the same time