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In the Tretyakov gallery the exhibition to 110 - letiju Alexander Dejneki

" has opened; to Work, build and not to ache! - the phrase from Alexander Dejneki`s well-known poster 1933 - go has entitled the big exhibition of its painting, a drawing, a sculpture dated to 110 - letiju the artist which has opened on Crimean to the Shaft.

the biggest modernist from sotsrealistov, the vigorous author of magazines you Give! the atheist at the machine tool and the founder of a series of mosaics Days of the Country of Councils at station Majakovsky the singer stahanovtsev and monumental athletic torsos, the illustrator of children`s books and the fan of sports, Alexander Dejneka has appeared an ideal link between art of the last centuries and future. If Malevich declared: ... For me, companions pilots, float in a chasm, I have established suprematism semaphores That Dejneka has occupied this suprematicheskuju a chasm quite real characters. Working women with trolleys, football players, the sportsmen, running members of the Komsomol and other heroes. All of them soar in weightlessness of the spaces created by the artist. And soar not only people, shops and railway depots, but even rocks. On a cloth of 1932 with the expressive name In air in clouds the plane, and, apparently, even a rock flies also. The earths it is not visible in general. This a separation from laws of terrestrial gravitation, as well as powerful movement, run, flight - to finish, the purposes, to the sun, look as a symbol of clearing of history fetters. But also it is obvious that all these football players flying behind a ball developed in a throw and a march brawny girls remind figures from frescos and pictures of artists of the Renaissance adored by Dejnekoj. And their flight any very Renaissance on spirit. This strange connection - suprematicheskogo, the split space and powerful soaring figures, weight and ease - bewitches to dizziness. Knowingly this modernist among the most important for itself(himself) teachers named Vladimir Andreevicha Favorsky.

it is even more interesting that the exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery allows to find out, how has responded a word of Dejneki in the modern art. Well, about that from Dejneki, as if from Gogol Overcoats there were we men of the sixties from them severe style and a simplicity and sincerity cult, all know. But at a present exhibition it is possible to see for the first time after long-term restoration huge cloths: Zaporozhtsy (1939 - 1940), Fight of amazons (1947), Nikitka - the first Russian letun (1940), the Bather (1951). In these enormous panels a little that reminds of flights in reality the last decade. Flight of Nikitki - actually a deadly jump, and it, with open wings, is similar to the crucified. Ecstasy in fight, ferocity and nevsamdelishnaja a prettiness of these works - direct road to cine blockbusters.

In general kinematografichnost works of Dejneki simply is evident. Besides that he draws figures of sportsmen, gymnasts in very difficult foreshortenings. He likes to develop movement in different phases. It is possible to tell - as a monumental tape of a frieze, and it is possible - as a film.

Today its art consider not so much as an example of the artist - sotsrealista, how many as the master alternative a XX-th century modernism. But clearly one: those alternatives which offers today`s spectator Dejneka, much more richly, than we have got used to expect from the singer of the light future.