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Water polo. Russians risk to remain without the Olympic Games

Russian national team on water polo has won a meeting of the fourth round of the Olympic qualifying tournament in Bratislava against a command of Germany 13:11, however the in itself fact of a victory, most likely, hardly will allow our command this year to be overcome for the Olympic permit on Games - 2008. However not to remain without the Olympic Games in Beijing in general, Russians extremely are recommended not to lose today modular Macedonia. After defeat in the previous match from the Romanian with the devastating account 7:11, Russian national team has essentially reduced the chances to make the way in number of first two commands of group And and in a semi-final to continue struggle for the unique permit on the Olympic Games played on this tournament. To rectify situation, our command needed to beat a German national team with a difference at least in four balls. Then (under condition of victories in last rounds over outsiders of group) three collectives typed equal quantity of points, but on a difference of balls in internal games between them in a semi-final there would be Romanians (+1) and Russians (0), and Germans (- 1) would remain behind a board. Unfortunately, despite titanic efforts, our command did not manage to carry out this problem. After a goal of Marata Zakirova in the beginning of last, the fourth, the period of an abacus became 12:8 in favour of Russian national team, and it was necessary to keep only this difference remained six minutes. Alas... Our command has received last chance at the account 13:10, for half-minute till the end of a meeting having earned the right to attack. But Germans have stood and even had time to score for remained time one more goal. Today, on September, 6th, Russian national team will lead last match of group tournament - with a command of Macedonia in 15. 00 Moscow time. To lose to our command it is not recommended anyway. In - the first, there is an illusive hope that Romanians or Germans will not win the matches (against France and Slovakia accordingly) and remain behind a board of semi-finals. In - the second, in a case even a drawn game Russians will take the guaranteed third place in group And and tournament for 5 - 8 places leave on obviously weakest team of group - Slovenia. Having won Slovenes on September, 8th, Russian national team will provide to itself a place in the six following the results of tournament - so, will acquire the right to act in last Olympic qualifying competition which will pass in 2008 in the Romanian city of Oradea. Missing in number of six best teams of current tournament in Bratislava will definitively close before Russians of a door to the Olympic Beijing, informs AllSport. ru.