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Track and field athletics. E.Slesarenko: Resolvents weaken me

the Olympic champion - 2004 in high jumps Russian Elena Slesarenko on September, 5th at the sixth stage Gold league in Bruxelles again, as well as on the Olympic Games - 2008, it was not similar to itself. With tejpom on injured ahille Slesarenko has managed to overcome only 1,94 m and remained the ninth. About the reasons which have forced it to continue performance with a trauma, Elena Slesarenko has told to the special correspondent of Agency of the sports information All sports . I on - former am am disturbed by a foot which I have twisted on August, 8th, is exact in day and the Olympic Games operating hour, - Elena Slesarenko has sighed. - During any moment to Beijing like it became better, but after I have given all the best on the Olympic Games, deterioration is observed only. The foot is ill, I drink resolvents, but they have a by-effect - they weaken. To gather, be adjusted on a jump to me now it is very difficult. Anaesthetising I too plainly cannot accept. If you do not feel a foot, it is almost impossible to jump. It is necessary to suffer... What for I in general act? I have nothing to lose. I have done such enormous work in preparation for the Olympic Games that now it would not be desirable to lower hands and to surrender. Anyway, remains only two starts, and after end of a season at me time will receive medical treatment. Now I from Bruxelles go at once on tournament to Italian Rieti, but here concerning the World ending on September, 13th in Stuttgart I will seriously think. The foot too is ill... Elena Slesarenko also has estimated for itself season results as a whole where it has taken the fourth place on the Olympic games and the best result has shown in the championship of Russia in Kazan - 2,03 m. the Season has turned out crumpled. It was excellent ready to the Olympic Games, but see, how in sports happens - accident, and was traumatised... Now here it seems that last season when I was the fourth in the World championship, even was better. There I, at least, was healthy - Elena Slesarenko has noticed.