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Track and field athletics. V.Petrov: Despite a rain, Isinbaeva at all did not risk

In the night from 5 for September, 6th to the double Olympic champion and the world record-holder in pole vaults for a victory at the sixth stage Gold league in Bruxelles the initial height - 4,72 m which it took only from the second attempt has sufficed. Personal trainer Isinbaevoj Vitaly Petrov has explained to the special correspondent of Agency of the sports information All sports why Isinbaeva all the same did not risk to remain with a steering-wheel . We at all did not risk, beginning competitions to 4,72 m when the others have already finished all, - Vitaly Petrov has noticed. - despite a rain going in Bruxelles, for Lena it is absolutely normal, habitual height which she jumps practically always. Another matter that its weariness after the Olympic Games further has already affected. Has put at all in a rain if you are ready and there are emotions, highly it is possible to jump and on damp sector. But Lena is really very tired, too it was splashed out on the Olympic Games. In Beijing it had an obvious peak of the form as we and planned. And here, on to Gold league after all each competitions - on pressure, on heat as the small World championship. And energy they take away accordingly. Not so I understand some trainers who speak supposedly through competitions at them the sportsman types the form. In competitions you on the contrary as though give that has had time to type on training. We with Lena to Beijing had time to type much enough, and now it uses this luggage. It should suffice on our three remained starts - in Stuttgart, in Korea and in China .