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The class teacher of the president: Dmitry Anatolevich was among strong pupils of a class

In   Union State standing committee there was a new person - Nina Pavlovna Erjuhina - the adviser of the State secretary of Union State concerning formation. The teacher of chemistry Nina Pavlovna was Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev`s class teacher in a graduation class. Windows of its office leave on an Old Square. In an office a portrait of its pupil - the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with a donative inscription. Nina Pavlovna - the vigorous, clever, charming woman. The teacher with 26 years of the pedagogical experience.

Owing to the trade of the person considers through a school prism. School days - the best and in her life. To Nina Pavlovne is what to tell about the pupils: in school days the base of the person is put. And the future president showed at school of quality which have predetermined its destiny.

- Now I will prepare tea, - she speaks in the beginning of our meeting, - it to me have brought from China. It is good tea.

we Wait, when the teapot will boil, we consider a class album.

- whether There are Dmitry Anatolevicha`s schoolmates?

- Meet for round dates.

- What was a class where the present president studied?

- Good, not the strongest, maybe, how many on other qualities it is good. It were very kind children. Nice on the human qualities. Till now are on friendly terms, meet.

- And you were on photo-exhibition the Best photos of Russia where there is also Dmitry Anatolevicha`s photo?

- Is not present, was not. But I know that it seriously is fond of a photo. And on presented to me Dmitry Anatolevichem of a photo it with the camera in hands.

School as a holiday

- Nina Pavlovna, tell about your family. How call your mum and where she now lives?

- Mum is called by Ljubov Dmitrievna, to it of 85 years. She lives in Mozyre the Gomel area. We there have moved in 1968 from David - Small town. At us the big family: at mum was five children. Mozyr - a beautiful city, the Belarus Switzerland on the bank of Pripyat. But it is close from Chernobyl: 60 km on the river. Chernobyl failure has happened, when to my son year was executed: we were going to go to the grandmother to stay on the nature, and have been compelled to hand over tickets. There was a tragedy of universal scale, and the hundred-thousandth city continued to live. To townspeople has carried that the wind has carried by a radioactive cloud near to a city, having touched only its suburb. Chernobyl auknulsja on health not one generation, and not only in Belarus.

- At you the big family?

- In our family was five children - three brothers and two sisters. The father in war has reached Prague. War has begun, when it only - only has ended FZO. 1941 year to it was 17 years old, having waited majority, it has left to protect the Native land. All war has spent on a front line, made the way with the coil of a wire more close to positions of the opponent and corrected fire of our artillery. For all war it has been never wounded. After war the father worked as the driver. We will soon celebrate a holiday, 65 years of the Great Victory! All my family will remember my father, about the father of my husband who too was at war, and, of course, to congratulate veterans!

Mum brought up children and was engaged in housekeeping. In 30 years she was ill with a polyarthritis, and me as senior from girls, it was necessary to help much on an economy. I am able to do all on the house: to erase, prepare, milk a cow. Children of Belarus, as a rule, especially in small towns and villages, are able to do all. Byelorussians are able to live within the means. It is the people - the worker.

- As parents have got acquainted?

- They were familiar before war, lived on Merlinsky farms - the richest woods, bogs. Till 12 years I went to the grandmother, collected berries and mushrooms. You do not represent, berries lay a carpet. But then inhabitants from farms have been moved, and there have arranged range. But mum with the father have left therefrom in David - Small town earlier - in 47 - m to year - in search of the best life. There there was a work for the father. And two schools: Russian and Belarus. I studied in the Belarus.

- Why you have chosen a trade of the teacher of chemistry?

- the School for me and for many my schoolmates who lived in closed enough space of small town, was as a holiday. I have seen a train in 8 - m a class when me have awarded with a trip to Krasnodon in places heroic Young guards . We in school ran. Aspired not only study. Then school in David - Small town - both the cultural centre, and sports, both educational, and educational. I was the honours pupil, everywhere was in time. There was no business in school which would manage without me. Was the chairman of the council of group, a team, the secretary of the Komsomol organisation of school. We at school had fine sports sections. There was a present sports life, the volleyball, basketball and football commands. In area and area regularly passed competitions of school commands, and these competitions were not for a tick they were natural continuation of usual sports life of schools. Actually I very artistic nature also wanted to be the actress. I learnt to play a violin - my father played a violin. In a family of my father all played musical instruments.

- Why dreams to become the actress have not come true?

- So it has turned out. But, I think that the trade of the teacher too demands the big virtuosity. It is a creative trade. When I left school, my big brother already studied at medical institute in Leningrad. Naturally, I wanted to go to Leningrad - a city of my dream, cultural capital USSR. And there my brother studied. It was for me an example. But then to the girl from a province without medical experience to arrive in medical high school it was unreal. Preference gave to boys.

Chemistry at us at school conducted the remarkable teacher, deserved teacher BSSR Gvozdjukevich Natalia Vasilevna. She has played the big role in a trade choice its many pupils. If want, it there was my idol. The person, the teacher, mother, brought up one, without the husband, two sons, both have devoted itself to chemistry.

I became the teacher of chemistry. Has ended faculty of natural sciences of Teacher training college of A.I.Herzen. Under the diploma - the teacher of chemistry and biology.

With discipline of problems was not

- I Began the labour activity on distribution at school of Lenin area of Leningrad. It was socially problem area: as a rule, incomplete families. Mums worked at factory the Spindle brewery of a name of Stepan Razin and at the enterprises - relicts with the equipment of the end of a XIX-th century: factory rezino - technical products and factory the Red triangle . Work was difficult, earned a little. To work at this school it was uneasy, but it is interesting. I have received good methodical preparation at institute. It was useful to me, and I consider that in teacher training Universities the number of hours should be increased by a technique of teaching and psychology. It will help the young teacher to overcome the difficulties, especially the first years of the pedagogical work.

- And what class was the most difficult?

- There was my third year of work at school. The class has been generated on September, 3rd on request of parents. There was such practice that if the pupil which knowledge was more low 3 it is oath assured that it will not apply for receipt in the senior classes and leaves in the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE to it put treasured three and did not keep in the same grade. But if parents then came in RONO and demanded to prevail the child in the ninth class under the law it had no right to refuse. Here from such children from all area the class also has been collected. I was the class teacher and let out these pupils. With them it was very difficult to work, but many have then taken place in life. Of them I communicate with some and now.

My best memoirs as teachers are connected with work in 441 - j to school of the Frunze area of St.-Petersburg. At that time there for the first time specialised classes with profound studying of mathematics, chemistry were created. Spetsklassy were formed under the teacher - predmetnika which role was very great. It was the alternative to specialised and experimental schools. In my opinion, creation of profile classes at school yields good result.

the Harmful serial

- whether Can work at school everybody, without vocational education how it is accepted to consider now?

- I so do not consider. I have worked at many schools, and I had not to meet teachers who have shown on the First channel in a serial School . Not from such serial about school it was necessary to open Year of the teacher! There the person of the teacher is completely discredited. Not all manage to pass test by school, but I did not meet such teachers who are shown in this serial. I tell it to you, having worked at nine schools of St.-Petersburg and Moscow.

There were at us difficult children. Yes, today it is more difficult to work for the different social reasons, but many teenagers in it are not guilty, both the school, and a society should not leave them. We can lose not one generation. And results of last Olympic Games have shown it, for example. Our failure is a tip of the iceberg, and underwater - absence at us in the motivation country to conduct a healthy way of life. The hero who can be imitated has disappeared from screens. Really in our country we have not grown up people who could protect its honour at different international competitions?

the Favourite subject - chemistry

- whether Truth, what Dmitry Anatolevich has told in one of interview, what it at school was fond of chemistry?

- Dmitry Anatolevich repeatedly spoke about it. I about it have heard in its interview on television when it became the first vitse - the prime minister. It was the beginning of academic year, and it has arrived to the school and has visited our office of chemistry. I have casually included the TV and have seen the graduate in a chemistry office. He remembered school days and said that its best years have passed in this office that the chemistry was its favourite subject. For memory of this visit Dmitry Anatolevich has sent me a photo with an autographic inscription: to Nina Pavlovne for memory, an office of chemistry of 305 schools . I appreciate this gift.

I Know that Dmitry Anatolevicha`s interest to chemistry from the father who pursued science in Leningrad himiko - institute of technology.

- As Dmitry Anatolevich studied?

- It was among strong pupils of a class.

- What to you Dmitry Anatolevich at school was remembered?

- the Normal schoolboy. The guy among contemporaries. To play football - means in football. To dance - means to dance. To fall in love - means to fall in love. To study - means to study. It was on age the open person, vigorous on character, kind and sympathetic.

- Dmitry Anatolevich has got acquainted with the wife at school?

- Yes. Svetlana Vladimirovna studied in a parallel class. Dmitry Anatolevicha`s mum worried that this friendship could distract it from study. But such has not occurred. He studied adequately.

- you are a strict teacher?

- Yes, planing in respect of discipline. If there is no discipline, you cannot inform knowledge. But at me never was favourites. I tried to understand children, especially at their uneasy age when on the first place there are feelings, searches close to you on spirit of the person.

Return mum in a family!

- Today the family role in education, in your opinion, has decreased?

- Mums communicate with children a little. Mum should read for night of a fairy tale to the child, instead of bring up children on the American cartoon films. But at mums it is impossible to read for night of a fairy tale, they should earn on life.

- Julia Veniaminovna Medvedev was What mum?

- Present. She is a teacher. She has taught the son to read good books, instead of to take in hands casual. Her son, unlike other contemporaries, read Bulgakov. And after all the Dog heart we read in listing, and not in each family there were Bulgakov`s products. Julia Veniaminovna co-operated with the son. Empathized.

About a post

- That you are going to make in a new post in Standing committee?

- I understand school heart. I have experience, energy, knowledge, organising abilities and not indifferent relation to school. I continue to communicate with colleagues, with graduates. When my pedagogical work has ended, I had a desire to be claimed.

on February, 15th I have come on a meeting to Pavel Pavlovichu Borodinu. We talked hour two, and he has offered me work. Formation questions will enter into sphere of my responsibility: here and joint programs on preparation of pedagogical shots, an exchange of experience in the general and vocational education, observance of the equal rights at receipt in high schools, an exchange of pupils, the questions connected with carrying out of the Olympic Games of schoolboys, and many other things. To the Russian side is what to take useful of experience of the Belarus colleagues.

Would like to prosecute vocational training subjects: it in Belarus at high level. I - for early vocational guidance. Recently I have visited at building industrial complex Mozyre and have taken an interest, what formation at workers. After all in Russia many guest workers who do not have any education and skills work. To me have answered that at them almost all workers have profile specialities. And Byelorussians are ready to accept Russians on training on working specialities.

- your relation to Uniform graduation examination?

- I do not say that Unified State Examination should be excluded, but, in my opinion, it should not be the basic and unique form of an estimation of quality of knowledge in all subjects. Besides, I consider that the prominent aspect of mutual relation general educational and the higher school is missed: the school prepares the pupil for the subsequent training in high school. The high school is the customer on the entrant, and school - the executor. The high school answers before the state and a society for final a product - the expert with higher education. That is the high school is responsible for that will turn out from preparations (entrant) of which quality assurance it is discharged by Unified State Examination introduction. The university of a name of Bauman needs one, to oil and gas institute - another, and quality of knowledge is defined by the uniform scale which is not considering it. The former system of an estimation of knowledge, in my opinion, corresponded to requirements of preparation of competent experts more.

the Today`s young generation causes alarm. As it is represented to me, it loses an internal core. Know, on what the society future depends? From what school at it. On school define - a healthy society or not. Therefore the great attention should be given preparation of pedagogical shots, increase in a role of psychology, a teaching technique. It is impossible to give our best minds abroad - it is necessary to create conditions for work and life here. Who will create nanotehnologii?

Here an example from my personal practice. When in 90 - e years Soros has appeared in Russia, he has interviewed among students, having asked questions: They remember what school teachers, who and why by it it was remembered? On Soros`s poll I was included into number of teachers which students named the best. What does Soros further do? He writes to these teachers of the letter in whom informs: you are the winner on poll... then suggests all winners to present the methodical workings out, having promised winners of following round of 500 dollars. And people on a saucer bore to it the workings out for which he to someone will pay. I did not participate in it, but someone participated... And the most valuable - experience of the best experts has removed abroad. Whether these operating time have laid down in a basis of the project of the program of reforms in the sphere of education of the president of the United States of America of George Bush?

About the main thing in life

- For each woman the main thing is her family. Agree?

- My husband Konstantin Alekseevich - radical piterets. Together we almost 40 years. It my best friend. At us two children. Daughter Anna, to it 34 years, lives in Peter. Son Alexey, to it 24 years, lives in Moscow with us. At us two remarkable grandsons - Andrey and Pavel. Andrey already the first-grader. Pleases us with the grandfather the creative hyphens. Loves music, the nature, to observe the star sky. It seems to me, he is able to see in the person especial and to put into words. On a question, for what it likes this person (it was a question of the acquaintance of my son), answers: For talent of good, a love magnet, beauty of life .

Agree, for the boy 6 and a half years has well told.

the Father of our grandsons - my son-in-law Dmitry. Was my pupil. The good person and the expert.

About Standing committee

- you already were present at Standing committee session at the new status what have tested?

- I have as though visited on the teachers` meeting, any peacockery, all is accurate, and over all it the State secretary skilfully supervises. Standing committee for me - new collective. It is headed by Pavel Pavlovich Borodin - the person with a wide experience, with warmth concerning people. In Standing committee validly speak: Pavel Pavlovich has told!. the scale person!

Has got acquainted with the assistant to the State secretary Sergey Stepanovichem Shuhno, the head of Department of social policy and information support Tatyana Nikolaevnoj Kovalevoj, the chief of Department of economy and branch programs of Leontiem Ivanovichem Horuzhikom and other experts of the business. With them I should work. To much I can learn at people with a wide experience of supervising work. I would like to give of Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev`s word: the Union State exists, but it is necessary to fill it with the real maintenance . It is assured that many experts of Standing committee bring the real contribution to Union creation.

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko speaks: We never will leave from Russia just as Russia never will leave us. We always were together and so will be henceforth . Russia and Belarus historically cannot the friend without the friend. At us the general roots and the general history. At us, in effect, one language. I speak in the Belarus language, I have not lost it. Both Russian, and the Belarus language left from Old Russian. And, under the statement of experts, the local dialect of the disctrict of the city of Turova has to the greatest degree kept feature of language the Song of Igor`s Campaign? .

In our hard time integration of the slavic states is a survival question in present political and economic conditions. For integration it is necessary to connect any, even very thin threads of cooperation, to unite them and to weave into stronger thread.

the Question on unity of Russia and Belarus at my fellow countrymen, schoolmates is not necessary - they do not think of themselves without the Union.