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The head coach of Russian national team on shooting: Foreigners cannot work in Russia

. - whether the invitation of the foreigner is possible? If it is fair, on a post of the head coach of Russian national team I do not see the foreigner in general! Who can be invited - even if not to take into account a language barrier? The Chinese? It will be improbably difficult to it to get used to our conditions because it here will not receive east discipline. At us after all on competitions the marksman who passes on a rating goes, therefore sportsmen solve, to go it on gathering or not. And in China if the sportsman tries not to leave on training at the crack of dawn - the trainer will simply send you home. The American? I worked in a trainer`s staff of this command, and I can tell that their system not essentially differs from ours. They know about shooting exactly as much, as we. The main difference that the American arrows - fans in that old sense. One - the farmer, another - the barman, the third - the student, and so on. That is, at these people exclusively internal motivation! Our sportsmen, of course, too love shooting, but thanks to this activity feed families. The American sportsman cannot think of awards because at them it is not present. Instead of the Chelyabinsk one million dollars, the Olympic champion from the State of Colorado will receive 5 - 10 thousand. And so, in my opinion, it is impossible to replace internal motivation external never! Under no circumstances! Any person will not rise from an entrenchment in hand-to-hand for money, for it the other-wordly internal motivation can induce only. For money it is possible to dig out a hole, to construct a building, but to make a feat for money - it is impossible .