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The Russian volleyball players left in a World championship quarterfinal

Volleyball players of Russian national team have provided to itself a place in a quarterfinal of the World championship which passes in Argentina. It became clear after a victory over Spanish national team.
our command has won already the third victory successively and has definitively recovered from a failure in starting matches of superiority. The contender at Russian national team was rather serious. Spaniards have not bad acted in draw of World League, and in Argentina looked well. C our contenders have shown force already in the first set. Errors in our command and zarjazhennost Spaniards on struggle have allowed them to win the first set with account 25 - 23.
Spaniards have moved in the account and in the second party. However when our contenders have typed 22 points, the Russian volleyball players could break a game course. Successful actions on the block, and attacking actions of Abramova and Tetjuhina have brought to us a victory - 25 - 22.
In the third set efforts of Kosme Prenafety Spaniards have come forward again - 28 - 26. However already in the following party Russians have played extremely accurately both on giving, and on the block, having won a victory - 25 - 16. All has solved thaw - a break during which time both commands have shown good volleyball. The solving party remained behind our command - 15 - 13.
Now Russian national team there was last match in group against Portugueses. The victory will allow our children to win first place and leave on less strong contender in a quarterfinal.
group N
Russia - Spain 3 - 2 (23 - 25, 25 - 22, 26 - 28, 25 - 16, 15 - 13)
Portugal - Poland 3 - 1
Group G
Italy - Japan 3 - 1
Argentina - Bulgaria 3 - 1
Group J
Brazil - France 3 - 0
the Netherlands - Czechia 3 - 2
Group K
Yugoslavia - China 3 - 0
Greece - the USA 3 - 2