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World Class again on coast of Volga

on October, 27th in Saratov the presentation new fitness - centre World Class will take place. This event is unique that for the first time in Russia the sports club officially declares partner change, leaving network Orange Fitness and having signed franchajzingovyj the contract with World Class Consulting/ CMS - Russia. The created precedent of a rebrending testifies to occurrence of a healthy competition in the market of sports services and opens new page in the history of Russian fitness - the industries.
the reason of change of the partner of a steel of a disagreement of a management of club with the company Strata Partners management company Orange Fitness, concerning network development. For all time of the existence the Saratov centre only nominally concerned to Orange Fitness, de - fakto being independent club. Moreover, long time the club was in general unique division networks That excluded possibility of an exchange of experience, introductions of new programs, an active advertising campaign, growth of recognition, trust and as consequence - profits.
Orange Fitness Saratov has opened on April, 1st, 2002 as a class institution premium. It was the first club of such level in a city, till now not having analogues. The club total area makes 2000 sq. m. and includes a gym, 2 halls for group employment, beauty salon. The club is calculated on 1000 - 1500 members, but for 1,5 years of work has not typed also half of planned client base.
inefficient use of available capacities is connected, first of all, with poor quality of the consulting given by company Orange Fitness, its inexperience in projects of such level. Thus the normal franchise means responsibility of the carrier of a brand for start and operation of the club with the same name, maintenance of a high break-even sales level and quality fitness - services. Only large companies having long-term experience of successful work in the Russian market and access to leading world technologies in the field of physical culture and sports can incur such responsibility.
Having opened in 1993, World Class Clubs there was the first Russian professional a fitness - club of world level and in 1999 has received an exclusive right to represent in territory of Russia and the CIS countries the American company CMS (Club Marketing and Management Services), specialising on fitness - consulting. Today the techniques developed World Class Consulting/ CMS - Russia, are used in more than 3000 fitness - clubs worldwide. Fitness - the centre in Saratov becomes 4 - m in the list of regional clubs of network World Class after successfully realised projects in Kiev, Almaty and Kazan.
the Rebrending of the Saratov club will include trainings and personnel training, introduction new fitness - programs and all complex fitness - the services, accepted in clubs of network World Class, use of technologies and company World Class workings out on work with clients, an active advertising campaign.