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Hit parade of events of the last week

Anastasia Myskina`s victory in a cup-final of the Kremlin became the Main event of last week.
1 Myskina has won the Kremlin Cup
In tennis life of Russia there are only two events when all country remembers existence of game with a racket and a ball. No, on courts till now there are many. It is a question of tennis of the higher achievements, with participation of world stars. And so these events in our country are the Davis Cup and the Kremlin Cup . About the first tournament this time there is nothing to tell, and here the Moscow competitions have really pleased. And not man`s tournament which actually has turned out not so representative, and female. It is remembered, how some years ago from tribunes Olympic rushed Anna, be cleaned in the Miami . When Kurnikova lost it magnificent Martin Hingis. Whether and any most ill-bred type something similar in the address Myskinoj, Dementevoj, Zvonarevoj or Bovinoj this year will shout? We in general start to love more female tennis, and its representatives please us with the game. This year all were admired with Anastasia Myskina, with hurricane carried by over competitors. But also other Russians should be thanked.
secrets of victories Myskinoj
Myskina has won the ending
2 Sharapovs has won in Tokyo
not to leave far from female tennis, we will remember certainly and Maria Sharapova victory in the Open championship of Japan. There tournament was more modest, but from it the success of the young Russian does not become less bright. In general, at once it is visible that at our female tennis with the future everything is all right.
Sharapova has won in Tokyo
3 Locomotive - the Arsenal
the Match of League of champions on which has come 30 thousand spectators, the hit - parade on the third place has got in ours. The reason is simple - our command has not won this match. We will be at last extremists. On the home field all - taki it is necessary to achieve victories. A drawn game with the leader of the championship of England - good result, but not an occasion to a national holiday. Really, could lose. But could and win. And how much accept we a drawn game in Moscow with kanonirami it will be possible to discuss in December. Perhaps, we in the beginning of winter with bitterness will remember the missed moments, and can, and we will thank Ovchinnikova for assured sejvy.
the Report on a match
4 Structure of Russian national team
On a question on Russian national team will be engaged in what further, long it is not necessary to think. Already in the end of this week our command will play against Georgia. The European fever has begun the announcement of structures this week. Did not become an exception and George Jartsev. It, actually, has not surprised anybody. In the Pine forest those whom there and expected are invited to see. Still Alenichev to them, but Dmitry is injured. It is a pity.
Russian national team Structure
5 Saga
Evgenie Kafelnikov again declared Kafelnikov that leaves. Any more for the first time. But a phrase would leave more soon, has bothered already here it is inappropriate. There`s nothing to be done, if Evgenie was, and at Safin suffering by traumas and remains our best tennis player - the fact. And the most sad that the question of two-year prescription on the receiver and remained a question. We will hope that there will be a new star and will remember that there is Igor Andreev - certainly talented guy who in Moscow has had time to be pleasant to much. Well and Evgenie Kafelnikov in which already time we will thank and we will express hope that it will constrain the promise and will not go to a policy. Let remains the person who has made popular in Russia tennis is better.
Kafelnikov again leaves
6. Chelsea has lost Beshiktashu
Defeat Chelsea - Sensation number one in the European football this week. Abramovich`s club has lost to a Turkish command with account 0 - 2 on the home field. It is interesting that in Europe this result has caused gloating in many. The majority of English and continental mass-media after the report on this game have not forgotten to mention, how many money has been enclosed in Chelsea . Well, clubs upon which the shower of gold has unexpectedly fallen, their own fans love only.
Chelsea has lost
7. Friday qualification
In to the Formula - 1 again change rules. Have cancelled Friday prequalification. As a matter of fact, hardly someone from admirers of royal races very much will be upset about it. The sports principle obviously played this question not the most important role. However, can so to happen that prequalification remains and the next year. The final decision should be accepted FIA which loss of television money is hardly favourable. Practice on Friday will sell more difficult.
article in a theme
8. Female football
those who compare female football to female hockey, boxing, sumo or, say, weightlifting are not right. Thanks to translations from the World championship in the USA, it was possible to understand, what not all so is bad. Yes, at times game looks funny. However after all and the man`s analogue not always was such, as now. As to results of superiority us games with Russian national team participation more interested. Have played adequately. Two victories have gained and have twice lost to very strong competitors from China and Germany. At least, men in Korea and Japan have acted better, than.