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The euro exchange rate for the first time since December, 2008 has fallen below level of 40 roubles

Rouble grows stronger day by day. Today it has seriously pressed euro, having dropped its course for 33 copecks - to 39,95 roubles. Such falling, below level of 40 roubles, the European currency in the Russian market did not know since December, 2008.

so sharp strengthening of rouble is connected with considerable decrease in euro on Forex in the first months of year against the structural difficulties of the European Union connected with debts - the financial analyst Alexander Kuptsikevich speaks.

the Dollar, on the contrary, has a little risen in price today. Its course has for tomorrow made 29,22 roubles. That for 3 copecks above, than established by the Central Bank for today. But it does not compensate that falling which has shaken the American currency on Wednesday. The rouble then has won back at dollar at once 23 copecks, having rejected its course to the beginning of December, 2009.

in the end of last week zamglavy minekonomrazvitija Andrey Klepach has sounded the alarm. In its opinion, the rouble becomes stronger too promptly that aggravates a situation in the Russian economy. For January - December it has added 5 percent. Also continues to go this course in March. Whereas under the official forecast economy growth this year is expected only 3,5 percent. However, Klepach does not exclude that it can give and more - 4 - 4,5 percent and even 6 percent. But anyway, at present rouble strengthening already surpasses these rates. Whereas, has warned Klepach, strengthening of domestic currency should not exceed economy growth. Otherwise competitiveness of almost all sectors of economy " worsens;. Also has advised to the Central Bank to deal with this problem.

it seems To me that the Central bank now does not need to force down a rouble exchange rate, - Alexander Kuptsikevich speaks. - After all strengthening of national currency if will harm, not to all subjects of economy . And the more rouble will become stronger, the in the best situation there will be a population as import becomes cheaper. anyway, the rouble will become stronger, - the expert considers, - as its growth is defined by the prices for oil . And they now more than twice exceed their long-term minimum noted in the autumn of 2008. But, most likely, predicts Kuptsikevich, oil will not fall in price and concerning current level. The international power agency in 2010 predicts growth of world demand for oil approximately for 2 percent in comparison with 2009.

But it is not necessary from - for it to run to exchange the currency. if money is stored in euro let so all and remains, - the financial analyst considers. - If at you dollars it is necessary to wait at least over the weekend, and even to steam - a three of months before to go to exchange office . Problem for economy   Kuptsikevich considers the bottom limit a dollar exchange rate - 28 roubles, and euro - it is considerable below 40 roubles.