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Topalov still had one persecutor

Bulgarian Veselin Topalov has won the next victory in World championship FIDE, passing in these days in Argentina. This success, along with defeat of one of its persecutors, has allowed the grand master to strengthen the leadership on tournament.

next a victim the Bulgarian sportsman there was Rustam Kasymdzhanov. The Uzbek chess player could not oppose anything to the leader of the championship and for the first time has suffered defeat on tournament. Before all meetings of Rustam reduced to drawn games.

this victory became the sixth of seven possible in Argentina for Topalov - result simply fantastic! If Veselin manages to keep the achieved rate it quite can become ahead of schedule the winner of the championship, after all from its nearest persecutor separate already two points.

by the way, about persecutors. After the seventh round it remained one. Russian Peter Svidler has won the day before confident victory over Hungarian Judit Polgar whereas Anand unexpectedly (but it is pleasant) has conceded Vichy to other representative of Russia - to Alexander Morozevichu. Now Anand divides the third line with Peter Leko who has beaten yesterday Michael Adams.

today on tournament the eighth round in which will meet will take place: Kasymdzhanov - Morozevich, Adams - Svidler, Anand - Polgar, Topalov - Leko.
the Seventh round
Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria, 3) - Rustam Kasymdzhanov (Uzbekistan, 35) - 1:0

Alexander Morozevich (Russia, 14) - Vishvanatan Anand (India, 2) - 1:0

Peter Leko (Hungary, 4) - Michael Adams (Great Britain, 13) - 1:0

Peter Svidler (Russia, 7) - Judit Polgar (Hungary, 8) - 1:0
Position after seven rounds:
1. Topalov - 6,5
2. Svidler - 4,5

3 - 4. Anand, Leko - 3,5

5 - 6. Morozevich , Kasymdzhanov - 3

7 - 8. Adams, Polgar - 2