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Michael Slipenchuk: At mass sports should be there should be a state financing

Today in Moscow, in a conference - to a hall has passed the Internet - a press - conference on a theme: Interaction of the power and business in the field of physical culture and sports and its social importance . Questions of journalists and users of a network the Internet answered general director IFK Metropol the president of federation Kekusin - kan karate - to Russia Michael Slipenchuk and George Poltavchenko`s first deputy, the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central federal district, Alexander Gromov.

on a press - conferences have been mentioned the most various questions, concerning interactions of the power and business concerning sports. In particular, a question of appeal of financing of mass sports and prospects of cooperation of the power and business in a physical culture and sports direction.

Users of the Network were interested in what sports need support of business and what role this business in the decision of questions of children`s criminality can render.

the question of carrying out of the Olympic Games in Moscow and why IFK " also has been mentioned; Metropol gives simultaneous support buddistskoj and to orthodox faiths.

the special attention has been given a theme of the preferential taxation.

details a press - conferences, and also all audio and video the materials connected with it, you can look here