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Boxing. Arturo Gatti is assured that again becomes the champion

Eks - the world champion in Arturo Gatti`s two weight categories, intends to pass in light-middleweight weight and to meet on January, 28th Thomas Damgaardom, informs AllBoxing. ru. Gatti it is assured that to it will be possible to win a title of the champion in the third weight category, and it plans to continue performances during three - four years. I definitely will win a title in light-middleweight weight. I precisely will become the champion in the third time. It is my dream. If it is carried out, I will follow a title in the first average weight, and then I will finish performances. I believe that I still have three or four years. Six or seven fights - has declared Gatti on a press - conferences in Montreal, devoted to representation of the building project in which it represents itself as the investor. The transition in the following weight of Gatti has explained to that he experienced the serious difficulties connected with weight loss in last fights and that to it is already very difficult to be entered in frameworks of the first light-middleweight weight. to me thirty three years and my weight makes about 170 pounds (about 77 kg). 140 pounds (63,5 kg) it are very difficult. Three additional kgs very much will help me - Gatti has told. Speaking about the defeat of Flojdu Mejvezeru - to younger Gatti, recognised that its opponent is the best boxer in the world and its speed is so great that it could not touch it. Gatti named Mejvezera Michael Jordan of boxing, and recognised that could not meet it, and choose somebody another and keep the title, but he wanted a meeting with it because has not got used to recede.