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The government is compelled to refuse financing of some FTSP

the White house again chooses priorities for state investments: budgetary financing FTSP in 2010 will reduce. It was declared yesterday the minister of economic development by Elvira Nabiullina after session of presidium of the government.

it is not necessary For us of the stretched terms, nedostroev because it means omertvlenie means. The concentrated resources and concrete results " are necessary to us; - chapter minekonomrazvitija has unequivocally declared. As she said, such work with state customers is already conducted, and it will be finished within the limits of preparation of the project of the budget - 2011 during one - two months. Can be reduced both the whole subroutines, and separate projects inside FTSP, for example, by words Nabiullina, not so sharply demanded transport projects .

we Will remind that last year on financing FTSP it has been planned 831,7 billion roubles, and in 2010 of assignment for target programs have decreased to 801,7 billion roubles. However, to tell something more certain Nabiullina has not wanted. It has only reminded that underfinancing FTSP in comparison with passports of programs already makes almost 25 percent, and the authorities do not want to accumulate it further, and prefer to refuse some objects. such analysis is necessary for us and from the point of view of increase of efficiency of the state investments, and for acceptance of the weighed and well-founded decisions on priorities of the budget of the next 2011 - the head of the government has told.

Meanwhile chapter o has shared also good news which, probably, will help the White house to overcome budgetary deficiency more softly. From privatisation of federal property in 2010 the state purse can receive much more the planned incomes, Nabiullina has told. now the markets grow up, and incomes can increase to 100 and even more than billions roubles if all strategic objects are included in the privatisation plan - has explained the minister. Initially receipts from privatisation for 2010 were estimated in 17 mlrd roubles.

Financially help the Russian authorities the concept of development of foreign economic relations with 38 key trading partners can also. Putin has reminded that on these countries, and among them - the CIS, Germany, Egypt, India, Italy, the Netherlands, China, the USA, Turkey and etc. - is necessary 80 percent of foreign trade of Russia. our purpose - to provide rational integration of Russia into system of world economic communications, to create favorable conditions for realisation of competitive advantages of domestic economy. Such approach brings real results as it was possible to see it on an example of India - Putin satisfied with contracts brought one of these days on 10 billion of dollars has declared.

However not only economy are interested on Krasnopresnensky quay. Apparently, the White house intends to start all available make-shifts, including sports. Having been delighted to good game of CSKA in League of champions, Vladimir Putin has asked not to forget about the demand of our country for the right of carrying out of the World championship on football in 2018. In August to Russia the estimated commission which will work in 13 cities - candidates will welcome. Meanwhile FIFA has asked the Russian authorities to give additional state guarantees as stadiums of the necessary class for World championship carrying out simply are absent, recognised yesterday the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov. He, in turn, too has asked Putin which about what.

- on Second of December it will be necessary to represent the demand in Zurich. The demand is accompanied, as a rule, by representatives of high level from the states - applicants. Including you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, have personally received the invitation to take corresponding part in this ceremony, - Shuvalov has told.

vitse - the prime minister has reminded the First to the head of the government of that nice time as Putin defended the Russian demand for the Olympic Games - 2014. And abroad, apparently, it cannot forget, time FIFA has charged to Shuvalov so an important issue.