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Rhythmic gymnastics. Kapranova - triple!

Olga Kapranova became the triple world champion on rhythmic gymnastics after today has won competitions to maces. Again, as well as two days ago the second place was occupied with Ukrainian Anna Bessonov. Moreover, Vera Sesina became the world champion in competitions to a tape, having outstripped on a half-point all the same (!) To Bessonov. In this kind of competitions of Kapranova remained behind line of prize-winners, having taken the fourth place. As to, Irinas Chashchinoj today it again became only to the third - in exercises with maces.
Baku, Azerbaijan. The World championship on rhythmic gymnastics
Exercises with maces
1. Olga Kapranova (Russia) - 16,775 points
2. Anna Bessonov (Ukraine) - 16,550
3. Irina Chashchina (Russia) - 16,400
Exercises with a tape
1. Belief Sesina (Russia) - 17,050 points
2. Anna Bessonov (Ukraine) - 16,525
3. Natalia Godunko (Ukraine) - 16,325
4. Olga Kapranova (Russia) - 15,925