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Russian rapiristki have won gold the World championship

In Turin command tournament of the World championship in a female rapier has come to the end. The victory in the ending over Italian national team with the account 23:22 was gained by Russian national team (Yana Ruzavina, Svetlana Bojko, Aida Shanaeva, Julia Khakimov). Thanks to this success Russian national team became one of leaders in struggle for a nation Cup - a prize which is handed over to the best team following the results of the World championship.

at such intense competition in fencing when only 6 persons in personal competitions have won gold in 6 countries, this victory of our girls is very expensive, - the head coach of a national team Sergey Kolganov in ASYA`S interview " has explained; All sports . - They were well prepared for these competitions and have shown unity which has helped them to win the ending against mistresses of the championship.

I should note a role of the captain of Svetlana Bojko, and also Yana Ruzavinoj which always finished almost all matches and in the ending against Valentina Vetstsali has brought a victorious prick. Unfortunately, it is compelled to ascertain that the men`s team shpazhistov has acted poorly, and especially Pavel Kolobkov who in a match from Ukraine has passed a solving prick. We will understand concerning results and readiness on returning to Moscow .

we Will notice that in tournament shpazhistov Russians have taken only the eighth place: having reached a quarterfinal, they have conceded to a national team of Ukraine. And the strongest in a sword were Frenchmen whom, having won the ending of Spaniards, have defended the title of the strongest on a planet.

Turin (Italy). The World championship on fencing

on October, 5th. Results with participation of our sportsmen

the Rapier female. Command superiority.
1/ 8 endings.
Russia (Aida Shanaeva, Svetlana Bojko, Yana Ruzavina) - Austria (Anna Dekker, Sandra Kljajnberger, Barbara Koppenvallner) - 45:18.
1/ 4 endings. Russia - Japan (Maki Kavanishi, Joko Makishita, Kieko Sugavara) - 40:24.
the Semi-final. Russia (Khakimov, Smartly, Ruzavina) - Poland (Magda Mroshkevich, Silvija Grushala) - 40:38.
For 3 - e a place. Korea (John Hi Sok, Dzhun Gil Ok, Seo Mi Dzhun) - Poland - 43:28.
the Ending. Russia (Shanaeva, Smartly, Ruzavina) - Italy (Dzhovanna Trillini, Valentina Vetstsali, Margarita Granbassi) - 23:22.

the Sword man`s. Command superiority.
1/ 16 endings.
Russia (Igor Turchin, Sergey Kochetkov, Pavel Kolobkov) - Finland (Olli - Matti Karhunen, Denis Bud, Jussi Korhonen) - 42:22.
1/ 8 endings. Russia - Austria (Jorg Mate, Markus Robatch, Kristof Marik) - 45:38.
1/ 4 endings. Ukraine (Dmitry Chumak, Maxim Hvorost, Dmitry Karuchenko) - Russia - 25:24.
For 5 - 8 places. the Semi-final. Romania (Kosmin Kortjanu, Adrian of Bottoms, to Alexander Nishtor) - Russia (Oleg Skorobogatov, Igor Turchin, Sergey Kochetkov) - 32:25.
For 7 - 8 places. Italy (Paolo Milanoli, Diego Konfaloneri, Stefano Karotstso) - Russia - 45:33.
For 3 - e a place. Ukraine (Dmitry Karuchenko, Bogdan Nikishin, Dmitry Chumak) - Hungary (Geza Imre, Gabor Bozhko, Ivan Kovach) - 45:38.
the Ending. France (Gaultier Grume, Ulrih Robejri, Fabris Jeanne) - Spain (Ignasio Kanto, Jose Luis Abaho, Eduardo Sepulveda Puerto) - 42:41.