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Full drawn game

Dmitry Krjukov

Yesterday the Bulgarian grand master Veselin Topalov has evened up scores in a unifying match for a rank of the world champion with Russian Vladimir Kramnik. The account became 4:4, and now in this match, apparently, all it is possible to make a fresh start.

actually, anything at first it is impossible to begin. At least because behind a board Kramnik has won two parties, and Topalov only one. Or because all fine aura of a unifying match already where - that was gone, and to finish - that it is necessary, not to cancel the remained parties.

in brief I will remind a scandal essence though, it is assured, of it and so already all know. At the account 3:1 in favour of Kramnik the Bulgarian delegation led by manager Silvio Danailovym has extended some statements of which accused Kramnik in too frequent uhodah in a toilet room during parties. According to the Bulgarian party, during this constant solitude Kramnik consults in any image to the computer.

Kramnik, in brief speaking, has taken offence, and on the fifth party was not. Topalov has stayed behind a table the put hour, and to its contender technical defeat has been included. After that scandal has inflamed even more - Kramnik demanded, that this party recognised as not taken place, Topalov refused flatly, the set of fire wood has been broken still, but as a result thanks to constant efforts of president FIDE and Kalmykia Kirsana Ilyumzhinov the fragile world was established.

this world after Topalov`s victory in the eighth party became even more fragile. It is obvious that if the match course now will change in favour of the Bulgarian chess player, the Russian side will already use the best efforts to protest Kramnik`s technical defeat. After all then it will turn out that sly fellow Silvio Danailov has achieved an overall objective - Vladimir Kramnik managed to be discomposed.

I Admit, I do not want to give in to the next wave kvasnogo patriotism - in this match I am ill, or, at least, supported Topalov. Veselin plays brightly, is live, witty, gives out effective results, never is afraid to be cut to the last, and the person it if to judge on the created image, good. Kramnik - some another matter. Nobody denies that Vladimir Kramnik - really one of the greatest chess players of the present. But, it is probable to fall in love its slow, careful game, is necessary to understand chess at the highest level, and it is not given me. And here a number of strange statements in a press, long unwillingness to play serious tournaments, uncertain performances for Russian national team - all it collected and has collected.

now the situation became absolutely ambiguous. Even if the match will manage to be finished, high-grade, possibly, it can become only in case of Kramnik`s victory and only at total absence though any proofs of use to them of the computer helps, confirmed with all chess public. Harry Kimovich Kasparov who in due time have played a pivotal role in split of world chess, appears, has so strongly destroyed many communications that they cannot be restored till now, even when already all figures stand on association.

who is guilty in the occurred scandal? If not to take in attention Harry Kimovicha`s mystical influence main guilty is Topalov Silvio Danailov`s manager. It possesses huge influence on the ward, it has untwisted it, and not only it, it has untwisted also chess in Bulgaria, but to the big pluses there correspond more minuses. Danailov - the great PR manager, worthy the best samples of a trade which easily could win any presidential election and begin any wars as blind. During the critical moment he has understood that its project fails, because contenders have chosen the best game strategy. Also has distracted attention, has taken a break - remember a film the Tail wags a dog ?.

Judging by neutral result, PR - technologies perfectly work and in chess. The fifth party with the big share of probability will not be changed. Why? It was very logically explained in the letter by legal adviser FIDE Morten Sand:

Kramnik has not come in time on 5 - ju party, and the main arbitrator correctly after one hour has decided that the party is lost them. Kramnik has not submitted the formal appeal against this decision. It means that result of a match - 3:2 in favour of Kramnik, and it is necessary to play 6 - ju party. If we change result 5 - j parties Topalov will have serious bases to win if it brings an action. If we adhere to result 5 - j party at Kramnik if he decides to bring an action, so serious bases will not be .

Only here at all logicality to whom such chess is necessary? On - to mine, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in interview Sports - to the Express train with grief has noticed that to a match have invited a large quantity of children, young chess players that they have alive looked behind the great. And what they should observe in exchange? Toilet wars?

a full drawn game, misters.