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Gymnastics. In Alexey Nemova`s new show Chashchina will act, and Karavaeva

the Quadruple Olympic champion on sports gymnastics Alexey Nemov prepares for Zamolodchikova two-month tour on cities of Russia in which all stars of sports gymnastics and adjacent sports will take part. Alexey`s show the Legend about sports: 4 elements within November and December will pass in seven cities of Russia: Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Samara, Nizhni Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk, - has given Agency of the sports information All sports spouse Alexey Nemova Galina. - in show will take part more sportsmen, than in similar May representation in Moscow, but it and is clear - the same structure on all cities will not go. From sports gymnasts the consent have already given Alexander Safoshkin, Nikolay Krjukov, Anna Pavlova, Julia Lozhechko, Elena Zamolodchikova. The rhythmic gymnastics will be precisely represented by Ljajsan Utjasheva and Irina Chashchina. With Alina Kabaevoj while negotiations are carried on. Irina Karavaeva will act in jumps on a trampoline, also there will be also acrobats. There will arrive past stars on sports gymnastics: Dmitry Karbanenko from France, Jordan Jovchev from Bulgaria, Ivan Ivankov from Belarus, Sergey Harkov from Germany, it will present the number with the son. Well and certainly, Alexey " will act;. According to Galina Nemovoj, it is planned to present entertainment show with theatre elements: Scenery and the suits which have remained after the Moscow show, we will bring with ourselves. However, in this plan there are problems as sport centres in these cities it is less in the sizes, than Luzniki, and it is necessary to reconstruct all. In each city will pass on two shows. And we will begin with Krasnodar... .