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Russians come off again contenders

the Russian national team has increased the advantage on the Olympic Games on chess, passing in Blede, to one point, informs AR. In the tenth round Russians have won a team of China with account 3 - 1. Hungarians taking the second place have won against Bosnia 2,5 - 1,5.
Victories have gained Harry Kasparov and Alexander Khalifman, both playing the white. Alexander Grishchuk and Alexander Morozevich have reduced the parties black in a draw.
As a part of modular Hungary has won only Zoltan Almasi who in the previous round has reduced in a draw party with Khalifman in a match won by Hungarians.
at women advantage of the Georgian national team which has won against Hungary with account 2 - 1 was a little reduced. Chinese women going on the second place have won a team of Greece 2,5 - 0,5. Georgians advance competitors on 2,5 points.
Russian national teams and the USA continue to divide the third place. Both commands have won the tenth round with account 2 - 1 modular India and Slovakia accordingly. Till the end of tournament remains four rounds.
position after ten rounds:
Russia - 28,5
Hungary - 27,5
England, Germany - 26
Georgia - 24
China - 21,5
Russia, the USA - 20,5