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The amateur championship on bowling will proceed after holidays

Games on the largest in Moscow and in all Russia the championship among fans of bowling AMF Bowling Open will renew after November holidays.
we will remind that tournament passes since 2001, and any person who is fond of bowling can take part in it. In this season the number of participants became record and on - former continues to grow. After all to enter the championship it is possible throughout all year. In October the quantity of participants has increased by 7 commands. In total in competition which has been recognised by Federation of sports bowling of Russia the Best tournament of 2003 play 94 commands. And it is 376 boulerov. And on paths leave not only Muscovites, but also players Moscow suburbs, Ryazan, Yaroslavl.
under regulations of competitions, in AMF Bowling Open there are some leagues in which are distributed boulery depending on skill level. In each of leagues play the medals and cups. Only in one October to players have handed over about 540 prizes! Any of boulerov did not remain without pleasant awards!
last day October games in the strongest league of the championship - the Higher have taken place. The command " became its winner; JAroslavka with an average obshchekomandnym result - 189. 25. Gold medals were received by participants of a command: Leonid Ni, Gleb Nazarov, Nikolay Pulich and Yury Shevchenko. On the second place there were players of the team a sun Temple : Alexander Gurkov, Andrey Sidorov, Dmitry Fedotov and Alexey Ivanov. Their average result - 188. 94. Bronze medals were won by a command the Faultless energizer - 176. 31 points. Besides, have been awarded Natalia Smirdova for the best female result (213 points) and Dmitry Fedotov - for the best man`s (247 points). Fedotov has won a prize and for the best series - 826 points. Leaders of last month - a command of fans of CSKA RBN - Peski. Ru - could not repeat the success and have occupied only 8 place.
now in the championship the break till November, 11th when games will renew in large Moscow bowling - clubs " is declared; Multisports Highway and Spheres and Size . One participants of tournament use a break to celebrate November holidays, others - to be trained and improve the skill. And those who has not entered yet game, have chance to send the demand to info@bowlclub address. ru. All information on how to take part in tournament, it is possible to learn to the address - www. bowlclub. ru/ amf.