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Boxing. Antonio Tarver is deprived belt WBC

Light heavyweight Antonio Tarver has been deprived yesterday champion belt WBC in weight to 175 pounds (79,379 kg) from - for refusal to spend obligatory protection of the title against obligatory applicant Pola Briggsa, informs Allboxing. Tarver has preferred to meet champion IBF Glenkoffom Johnson who too for certain will be deprived the title even before fight instead. President WBC Jose Sulejman has stated the concern and disappointment the decision of Tarvera. It became those who it is now, thanks to possibilities which has given it WBC, and we do not understand motives of its decision, - has declared Sulejman. - Briggs is not the casual applicant, he has won two selection fights against the opponents appointed WBC, and has deserved the right to a champion duel .
Tarver has commented on the decision as follows: It is a pity to me that it was necessary to refuse a title. But left so that circumstances interfered with the organisation of fight which public wanted to see most of all. I do not have claims to WBC, and I very much respect Jose Sulejmana, but attempt keep a title could to turn back for me too big financial omissions .