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Boxing. Vitaly Klichko`s trauma can appear much more seriously, than it was supposed

it is not excluded that the trauma of the right knee received by champion WBC in a super heavyweight by Vitaly Klichko three days ago in a course sparringa, can appear more seriously, than it was supposed initially, informs AllBoxing. ru. As manager Bernd Bente has told, at Vitaly the meniscus is torn, and surgical intervention for certain is required to it. On Monday - Tuesday Klichko should pass additional inspection in which course the diagnosis will be specified and then it will be already possible to build any assumptions of terms of returning of the champion on a ring but while anything defined about it it is impossible to tell. While Bente has noticed only that the minimum term which should pass from operation before renewal of trainings makes three weeks. Klichko in interview to the official site has stated history about a trauma as follows: On Thursday evening I spent sparring in los - andzhelesskom to hall Pound - 4 - Pound Gym. In the eighth round I was traumatised in the right knee. As has shown careful medical inspection, it was the trauma of a meniscus of the right knee joint. On Friday, spending sparring, I was definitively convinced that the received trauma does not allow me to be ready to a duel against Rahmana for all hundred percent. On Saturday, I carried out consultations of leading experts. We have tried to do the utmost, that the duel in the appointed date nevertheless has taken place. To me have offered, as a variant, to try to spend sparring with a special bandage fixing a knee joint, but as it has appeared that it does not allow me to be completely functional. Therefore, we have made the decision which was for us rather heavy. The trauma received by me, does not allow me to leave in a ring on November, 12th and to spend a duel against Hasima Rahmana .