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V.Putin: it is bad, when the local problem - " is as the corner-stone put; to win here and now

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at Presidential Council session on physical training and sports has told about the relation to the invitation of foreign experts for work in Russia and necessary measures for maintenance of achievements of the country at high level.
in line-ups and on posts of the main instructors of national teams all of us more often and is more often see legionaries. The invitation of foreign experts is a normal, useful practice, it is applied all over the world. It is bad, when the local problem - " is as the corner-stone put; to win here and now . When transfer of foreign experience and technologies to the Russian experts is not adjusted.
According to plans of sports federations and Minsporta, from 37 Olympic kinds the Russian sportsmen are capable to win gold medals in 20. But in London these high, the highest, expectations have not been confirmed. Results of London should become for us some kind of the guide to action, it is necessary to look and once again to analyse as sportsmen as there was a preparation have acted and as it was reflected in results.
we well understand, all we want, that in Russia there were big, bright sports victories. Such events, for strengthening of prestige of the country for a boundary, and the main thing, for advancement of values of an active and healthy way of life " are necessary for maintenance of strength of mind and patriotic feelings of our citizens; - quotes the president an official site of the Kremlin.