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Distinguishing breath

IM - S410

To creation of effect of presence which is provided with mobile phones with function of video calls, South Korean company Pantech has added one more possibility. Imagine such picture: in the end of conversation the girl sends to the young man an air kiss and blows in a microphone of phone, and that not only sees the sent kiss on a screen, but also will feel easy whiff from the mobile phone.

all it is possible by means of the device first in own way with the detector of recognition of air streams which allows to transfer together with words also breath. The novelty which has received name IM - S410, very opportunely has been shown Pantech directly on the eve of Day of the enamoured. Presentation with which developers " have arranged; breathing to phone, it was extremely effective. The girl blowing in a microphone mobile, forced to die away candles and to scatter the petals of roses located opposite to other phone on which number she preliminary has called.

Certainly, developers from Pantech consider use of technology of sensitivity to an air stream not only for addition of emotions in telephone conversations, but also for management of device functions. In the future occurrence of games in which, blowing in phone is possible, it will be necessary to tyre out a ball in lunku, to glance over photo galleries and etc. However and without the subsequent innovations phone already is an interesting and unusual gadget. It seems that, having appeared on counters, IM - S410 it will be claimed by enamoured couples.