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experts warn naive passwords: simple combinations of letters and numbers draw cybercriminals

Unapproved access to electronic mail boxes, the Internet - to accounts and other confidential information has got today catastrophic scales. Many think that process of breaking of the personal data is a hobby and a way to earn additionally for such not recognised computer geniuses. Recent research of the American fighters with cybercriminality has shown what to romaticize hackers it is not necessary as crack another`s password the outstanding teenager can even nothing. Also users who extremely negligently approach to a choice of confidential codes and passwords are very often guilty in it.

according to CompTIA, last year human errors, to be exact, weak parolnaja protection were the reason of 84 % of all breakings of systems of safety of the companies and personal pages. The service of information security of company Errata has carried out the analysis more than 28 thousand passwords which have been cracked in the USA lately, and has found out that many solved combinations of letters and figures repeated a considerable quantity of times.

the weakest link in safety of computer system is the person which brain generates extremely primitive passwords, and in the limited quantity, - the leading software developer of company NeedForTrade Dmitry Vargin has told daily. - Popularity of the elementary combinations which are cracked with computer hooligans a method of simple selection, does the personal data very vulnerable. As, for example, can protect the password 11 or one of the most widespread combinations a name + year of birth ? Therefore, not to repeat another`s errors and not to hammer in easy passwords, it is necessary to familiarise with the list of most often used passwords and whenever possible to avoid them .

Following the results of the research experts Errata also have made the black list passwords to pick up which to hackers does not deliver any difficulties. In particular, they have found out that the favourite password for mail boxes, systems of booking and access coding to online - to accounts is 1234 . On a share of this simple combination and the passwords using the same standard combinations of figures which is very easy for filling on the keyboard, for example 12345678 14 %, that is about 4 thousand cracked passwords were necessary. Thanking these plain combinations of figures hackers free have removed from accounts of careless citizens some millions dollars.

14 more % in the list of favourite passwords have occupied alphabetic combinations, and what settle down on the keyboard in the left sector. So, on English-speaking variants of the keyboard the most popular password was QWERTY and on French-speaking - AZERTY Whereas combinations like GHJKL or VBNM met much less often. Use as the password of names of the relatives or dates of their birth became other example of absence of the imagination leading to pitiable consequences. Thus most often users drive in names of children and date of the birth. Such nominal passwords authors of research have counted 16 % - nearby 4500.

5 % from total of the solved passwords have made names of stars of show - business and favourite heroes of comics and films. Passwords " were the most widespread in this category; pokemon and the Matrix . Especially lazy users were limited to passwords password and password1 also have paid for absence of imagination in 4 % of cases of cyberbreakings. Approximately as much users have lost the information and money for virtual accounts, having chosen as a code yes and Is not present . Came across to researchers and sentimental passwords which also have not caused in hackers of special difficulties, - Iloveyou and Ihateyou . Certainly, frequency of their use was much more low, but approximately 300 persons have given them the preference.

that users lose the money and the confidential information, they are in many respects guilty, - the head of research Robert Grehem marks. - Recommendations which will help not to become extraction of hackers, are extremely simple. In - the first, it is not necessary to hammer in the first into a line of the password that will come to mind, and that easily and is quickly printed on the keyboard. In - the second, it is necessary to avoid use of the same password simultaneously for protection of several systems, for example, a mail box and the virtual account as, having picked up the password to one server, the criminal will by all means test it concerning other resources. In - the third, the password should be irrespective to private life (any names and dates of birth) and to contain more than eight symbols - better with figure and capital letter presence. And if to put a capital letter not in the keyword beginning, and in its middle, chances that will solve this password, are reduced to a minimum . Differently, to complicate to hackers life is much easier, than it seems. It is necessary not to be lazy and connect simply the imagination, inventing the next password.