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Credits ASV to bank have reached a saving loan 40 mlrd roubles

Bank VEFK Sanitation already has managed to Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) in 40 mlrd rbl. the Loan for such sum is reflected in the bank reporting for the fourth quarter 2008. Approximately at the same level ASV in January estimated also a portfolio of problem credits of bank, from - for which till now cannot find for it investors. According to experts, prospects of their attraction remain illusive though the situation in bank was stabilised.

as appears from the quarterly account about Bank VEFK securities, as of December, 31st, 2008 bank is obtained the loan from ASV on 40 mlrd rbl. These means should are returned on October, 28th, 2013. According to the head of the centre of public relations ASV Alexander Zagrjadsky, such volume has been given bank from the moment of introduction there to acting administration in the name of ASV since October, 29th of last year. On credit conditions, and also granting possibility further new loans to bank ASV does not make comments.

in January of RIA informed referring to the assistant to general director ASV Andrey Melnikova that the agency estimates the size of a portfolio of problem credits of bank by the maximum calculations at level 40 mlrd rbl. These actives in overwhelming majority are connected with projects of the former proprietors of bank and are not on balance of Bank VEFK that frightens off potential buyers, has declared then g - n Millers, having noticed that the bank was seen by 10-12 investors. At that point in time ASV considered possibility of the further sale of bank without these actives and conducted consultations of Bank of Russia about it which should come to the end presumably in February. However now, by words g - on Zagrjadsky, ASV is in expectation of the basic new decision thus searches of the investor proceed.

In passives of bank the loan received from ASV, can be reflected as deposits of legal bodies which for December, 31st made 37,8 mlrd rbl., marks zamrukovoditelja analytical department of the company Sovlink Olga Belenkaja. Besides, on settlement accounts in VEFK is still an order 14 mlrd rbl., she speaks. At the same time, according to leading analyst IK BFA the Novel of Dzugaeva to speak unequivocally about interrelation of loan ASV with a problem portfolio for the comparable sum it is not necessary, though deputy director ASV also declared that the most probable variant for bank sale - the repayment of problem actives and sale of bank without them .

As a whole in bank experts estimate results of work of acting administration positively. According to group economist UK finam Management Alexander Osina, ASV outflow of means of investors was possible to lower: If for October, 2008 contributions of citizens were reduced almost to 26 %, to 20,1 mlrd rbl. following the results of November, after the first month of work ASV in bank, outflow has made an order of 7,7 %, and following the results of December - 3,3 %. For January, 1st, 2009 the volume of contributions of citizens in VEFK made 18 mlrd rbl., other basic part of passives of Bank VEFK is, obviously, credit ASV for the sum in 40 mlrd rbl. - speaks g - n Aspens. By words g - zhi White, now in bank there was a stabilisation and the sum of contributions keeps stably . Nevertheless to find new investors she considers chances ASV low while the bank will not be completely sanified.

the considerable part of actives of bank consists of the credits which have been given out affilirovannym with proprietors of bank to persons, investing these means in real estate of Petersburg, marks g - n Aspens. He believes that if crisis will be tightened also the prices for real estate will fall more than to 30 %, for investors the rigid variant of succession of events when guarantees of the help of the state in reception of those objects of real estate in which credits were put can be necessary for them is not excluded. it, on - visible, a principal cause of failure ASV in its attempts of sale of bank to private investors - summarises g - n Aspens.